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#babychat with
5/6/2013 3:09:12 PM


We’re going to New York Baby Show this month – or at least our samples are. Stop by’s booth to pick up a sample of Weleda, ask questions and learn something new! at the New York Baby Show



In honor of our partnership with and our participation in the upcoming New York Baby Show we’re throwing a Twitter Party! Please join us on May 8th at 12pm PST with the hashtag #babychat. Hear from moms and dads just like you on their best travel trips, baby skin care advice, eco-savvy insights and more! Plus there will be chances to win Weleda Baby Care prizes. Don’t miss it!

New to Twitter? Check out this helpful how-to.

Don’t forget to follow us @Weleda for the newest updates and more fun chats to come.

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