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Introducing Weleda Hair Care!
11/1/2013 12:08:47 PM

Introducing Weleda Hair Care!

Introducing Weleda's All Natural Hair Care

We are excited to announce Weleda’s newest launch, a line of natural hair care developed with the assistance of holistic hair care experts and with Weleda’s deep understanding of how natural ingredients support health and beauty. We utilize mild, coconut-based surfactants to provide gentle cleansing while plant extracts revitalize the scalp to promote healthy hair. As is true with all of our products, these newest additions are free of heavy silicones, harsh sulfates and synthetic preservatives and fragrances. Also, they are all certified natural by the European organization NaTrue.

This newest collection features Oat Replenishing Shampoo, Millet Nourishing Shampoo and Wheat Balancing Shampoo to strengthen strands, improve their structure and leave hair incredibly soft, shiny and manageable. The Oat Replenishing Conditioner pairs well with any of our shampoos. Coconut oil and jojoba seed oil in this conditioner help nourish strands and smooth hair’s surface. Last but not least, our Oat Replenishing Treatment with organic shea butter, vitamin-rich organic sea buckthorn oil and coconut oil deeply conditions, hydrates and improves your hair from root to tip.

Our ever popular Rosemary Hair Oil  can now stand proudly – with a new look to boot – with the completion of its line.  

Want To Try It Yourself?


Starting November 4th, tell us what you love most about your hair in the comments below. The first 500 to enter will receive all three travel size samples of our newest hair care shampoos (one prize per person). Want to share an image too? Tweet us @Weleda or link to us on Instagram @Weleda_USA using hashtag #WeledaHair! Contest ends December 4th, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST. Eligible in the US and Canada only. Good Luck Weleda Family! 

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By: mirintra
Posted: 12/6/20131:57:51 PM
I love the color of my hair, technically it's probably dirty brown, which sounds kind of terrible, but it has natural highlights, is sometimes darker and sometimes lighter, and naturally hides the incoming gray strands!
By: dawnjuline
Posted: 12/5/201312:41:30 PM
I love how healthy my hair can be at times
By: Soriah
Posted: 12/4/20138:22:29 PM
I love how my hair is straight and easy to manage.
By: naturalGuy130
Posted: 12/2/20137:48:24 PM
I love that I have dark brown hair with natural wave.
By: naturalGuy130
Posted: 12/2/20137:47:30 PM
I love that I have dark brown hair with natural wave.
By: laittea
Posted: 12/2/20134:58:26 PM
I just had a baby and the conditioner just saved my hair!
By: Kornelia
Posted: 12/1/201312:52:17 PM
I love that my hair is straight, so I don't need to use iron to make it!
By: vertibo
Posted: 11/29/20138:22:23 PM
I love the colour of my hair - it is currently chestnut.
By: vertibo
Posted: 11/29/20138:19:02 PM
I like styling my hair and dreaming up new haircuts. I love Weleda Rosemary oil - it makes my hair silky and healthy!
By: yvonnesterz
Posted: 11/29/20131:22:03 AM
I love that my hair is a mass of ringlets!
By: IsabellEva
Posted: 11/27/201312:50:47 PM
I love the natural highlights in my hair that perk up during sunny weather. :)
By: IsabellEva
Posted: 11/27/201312:45:30 PM
What I love most about my hair is my natural highlights brought out by sunny weather.
By: cgkunitz
Posted: 11/26/20134:02:43 PM
I have long, thick, curly, red hair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it's red and naturally curly.
By: pink
Posted: 11/23/20136:57:14 AM
I love my hair color. I think its the unique shade of brown that is natural.
By: Marilyn1234
Posted: 11/22/201310:30:03 PM
I love the color of my hair - brown with natural red highlights
By: kelliann
Posted: 11/22/20138:56:33 AM
I have had food allergies and health concerns, now that I am on a better diet and found a wholistic dr. that can help me, I have seen less of my hair fall out and it is much shinier. Exciting! And excited for your new products! I looove Weleda! :)
By: applejack
Posted: 11/21/20137:44:26 PM
I love that my hair is wavy and long. Started using your Rosemary Hair Oil a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!!
By: applejack
Posted: 11/21/20137:43:51 PM
I love that my hair is wavy and long. Started using your Rosemary Hair Oil a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!!
By: optism
Posted: 11/20/20135:47:24 PM
I love my natural highlights. The salon could never recreate the sun's hard work.
By: ahmaymaria
Posted: 11/19/20137:39:00 PM
I love my red hair and all of its versitility.
By: lyzzux
Posted: 11/18/201310:57:39 PM
I love that my hair has thickened so much since I switched to natural hair care products!
Posted: 11/16/20135:13:21 PM
I like the texture of my hair.
By: nschneid
Posted: 11/15/20137:04:10 PM
I love when my hair has curls!!
By: lyreyd
Posted: 11/15/20135:33:50 PM
I love that I have a lot of hair...soft, shiny & with texture!
By: melonworm
Posted: 11/15/20135:32:54 PM
I love that it grows long and it has a slight wave.
By: dln4200
Posted: 11/15/20135:25:44 PM
I love my thick hair and my hair color!
By: Madeleine
Posted: 11/15/20135:02:46 PM
I love that my hair grows super fast! SO excited about these products!! <3
By: schurl0
Posted: 11/15/20134:53:22 PM
It's thick and it is easy to style.
By: yanag
Posted: 11/15/20134:37:48 PM
Love my natural curls!
By: smudgedmascara
Posted: 11/15/20133:40:59 PM
I love my bangs and how they represent my individuality.
By: jennmueller
Posted: 11/15/201311:21:53 AM
I love the color of my hair. I am a big fan of Weleda products. Can't wait to try your haircare.
By: treestanding
Posted: 11/15/201311:18:20 AM
now that i am getting older, i find i overlook the things i don't like about my hair and enjoy the things i do, the rich brown color in particular, before it greys and i can't do that anymore.
By: melissa mc
Posted: 11/14/20136:54:01 PM
i'm happy to be able to grow my hair long at my age (late 40's) and it looks healthy and strong :)
By: Cessy
Posted: 11/14/20135:54:25 PM
I love how my hair looks and feels when I use natural hair care makes such a difference...especially since my hair has become more sensitive and fragile as I have aged. I am also so glad that Weleda has a hair care line again!
By: luche
Posted: 11/14/20131:54:51 PM
i love my rich brown color and nice waves!
By: ehosfield
Posted: 11/14/20139:55:12 AM
What I love most about my hair is how much of it there is and how thick it is. Once I was stopped on the street by a complete stranger, who said, "wow you have great hair". When I was little I hated how frizzy and thick my was. My older siblings would tease me and call me "mop head". Fortunately now that I am an adult I've come to realize how truly blessed I am to have inherited such a gift of a full head of hair!
By: tiffanydavis
Posted: 11/11/20137:02:19 AM
I love the rosemary hair oil! It's the one product I've found that helps manage my curls! I enjoy finally being able to wear my hair curly! Thank you Weleda!
By: adrienneneff
Posted: 11/10/20131:11:21 PM
Love how easy it is to style. Can be curvy or straight.
By: jillybean865
Posted: 11/9/201311:31:49 AM
I love the natural variation of colors in my hair and the way it changes from season to season.
By: hideeho
Posted: 11/8/20131:00:43 PM
I LOVE having long hair! (I'll never cut it!)
By: elixer
Posted: 11/7/20136:14:04 PM
What I love most about my hair is that it still looks pretty good but only when it gets treated well by me using quality products that are not harsh on my delicate scalp and hair.
By: kalleb
Posted: 11/6/20135:10:30 PM
I love my hair for its rugged individualism. Every strand is a pearl in an ocean of gleaming pearl-strands.
Posted: 11/6/201310:55:45 AM
I love that my hair is a warm dark chestnut brown, but my boyfriend sees it as blue (he's a painter)
By: klum
Posted: 11/6/201310:24:25 AM
I love how fine and soft my hair is!
By: Amarylis13
Posted: 11/6/20137:08:49 AM
I love how silky my hair is.
By: pearl7658
Posted: 11/6/20132:45:08 AM
i love my hair because of the the wavyness not I get when it rains it is not fuzzy just wavy and i love my black hair even with being older and having a few grey hair it stills hold its own
By: gbristol
Posted: 11/5/201310:09:57 PM
I love rosemary hair oil, it leaves my hair shiny and healthy looking and I get lots of compliments. Have been using it for several years. Love it
By: abenzeevi
Posted: 11/5/20132:44:57 PM
I love my virgin hair! Its soft, shiny, and healthy! Now I can keep it looking its best with Weleda's new line of hair care!
By: mr_metaphysician
Posted: 11/5/20132:13:15 PM
I love how my fine brown hair shines red and gold in the summer sun
By: maren
Posted: 11/5/201312:36:34 PM
I'm middle aged and love my curly hair and variety of natural color I have now, dark blonde, with red and grey highlights. Another life transition thru hair.
By: kim1789
Posted: 11/5/201310:16:42 AM
I've been using the Rosemary hair oil for over 2 years now. I regularly die my hair but its so soft and healthy-looking no would ever guess. I can't WAIT to try the shampoo/conditioner. I know my hair will look even better with them.
By: roni1214
Posted: 11/5/20139:51:23 AM
Hair , I love it more when its clean! I love that it is in its natural state, color, and I want to put natural product in it!
By: laury
Posted: 11/5/20139:23:36 AM
I love that my hair is wavy, and I can wash it and get going! @ : ))
Posted: 11/5/20136:36:14 AM
I love how my hair cooperates - I can create body or make it super smooth. I think it likes that I use only natural products on it. Weleda's haircare line is next, of course! Cannot wait to try it.
By: atrinka
Posted: 11/5/20136:05:56 AM
I love my hair is curly but manageable if I use the correct products!
By: eastman928
Posted: 11/4/201310:54:24 PM
I love how soft and shiny my hair is!
By: laury
Posted: 11/4/201310:06:40 PM
I love that my hair is naturally wavy.
By: mjones117
Posted: 11/4/20139:28:36 PM
I love my naturally wavy hair! I love when it feels healthy and soft.
By: preznovak
Posted: 11/4/20137:42:40 PM
I love hair that is smooth and shines and smells wonderful.
By: preznovak
Posted: 11/4/20137:41:29 PM
I love hair that is smooth and shines and smells wonderful.
By: paulajean
Posted: 11/4/20137:17:58 PM
I'm so excited that Weleda has come out with Hair Care! I can't wait to try it!
By: teasnob1977
Posted: 11/4/20137:01:52 PM
My hair is my favorite accessory. I've always been known for my long, straight, shiny blonde hair. Like my skin, I take very good care of my hair. I've used Weleda skin care products for years, I can't wait to try the haircare!
By: SensitiveK
Posted: 11/4/20136:32:12 PM
I love my salt and pepper waves and natural streaks of pure white
By: alawrie
Posted: 11/4/20135:57:58 PM
I love that just when you think my hair is too curly or frizzy, I get a compliment from someone that says " your hair is gorgeous, how did you get it like that, wish I had your hair". I love having hair that's unique and a style that is me!
By: alawrie
Posted: 11/4/20135:54:56 PM
I love that just when you think my hair is too curly or frizzy, I get a compliment from someone that says " your hair is gorgeous, how did you get it like that, wish I had your hair". I love having hair that's unique and a style that is me!
By: smargo
Posted: 11/4/20135:53:35 PM
I love that my hair looks better the day AFTER it has been washed; it styles better once it has some of its natural oils back
By: vincenzoecarc.
Posted: 11/4/20135:38:03 PM
It's red, red, red.
By: ljrowe
Posted: 11/4/20135:29:25 PM
It is wicked curly and soft!
By: ljrowe
Posted: 11/4/20135:27:28 PM
It is wicked curly and soft!
By: ljrowe
Posted: 11/4/20135:25:51 PM
It is wicked curly and soft!
By: danweak
Posted: 11/4/20135:14:26 PM
My hair is amazing, it's straight black.
By: danweak
Posted: 11/4/20135:13:54 PM
My hair is amazing, it's straight black.
By: gonzales.gaga
Posted: 11/4/20133:59:42 PM
My is is naturally straight & a nice brown color. I love that I don't have to dye my hair for it to look shiny and healthy. :)
By: louisc
Posted: 11/4/20133:44:40 PM
Love how my hair looks with I use Weleda Rosemary Oil!
By: candice.kulbeth
Posted: 11/4/20133:30:50 PM
I love my hair because it is natural, easy to style, and simple.
By: mayday2779
Posted: 11/4/20133:17:50 PM
I'm starting to love my hair.the best part is that it's thick, curly and healthy and I'm so excited to use Weleda's new hair care line.
By: Priyanka328
Posted: 11/4/20133:16:35 PM
I love that my hair is thick and shiny and can handle anything I put it through! Which is why I would love to give it some tlc with some we less hair care products! I have been waiting for weleda hair care to come to America!!! Thank you!!!!
By: cinarasommer
Posted: 11/4/20133:15:13 PM
I love my hair and I love Weleda too. Weleda is always The Best choice!
By: kawp
Posted: 11/4/20133:10:35 PM
I love that my hair is long and shiny!
By: GingerSnap
Posted: 11/4/20133:05:45 PM
I love the color of my dark blonde hair and have never ever colored it. It is starting to turn white and the white hairs blend in (almost like highlights). I have had a bit of difficulty because the texture is changing from fine & straight to a little coarse and curly, and avoiding parabens and sulfates have really helped!
By: dmason48
Posted: 11/4/20132:54:15 PM
I love it that my hair is thick.
By: moni
Posted: 11/4/20132:39:00 PM
Hi Weleda! I've grown to love my hair in all it's curly, thick & wild glory. I just let it go crazy now & the natural curls I use to try to control are what make my hair unique & beautiful.
By: ClaudiaK
Posted: 11/4/20132:32:14 PM
As a young girl I hated my naturally curly hair and used a very toxic chemical to keep it straight. Now that I am older and wiser, I've cut my chemically straight hair off! Embrace my beautiful wild curls and I'm just loving it.
By: lkarrer
Posted: 11/4/20132:19:35 PM
It's thick, thin,coarse, smooth, dark, reddish brown, my hair is wild and crazy!
By: RyLouise
Posted: 11/4/20131:57:54 PM
I love that my hair is all natural now. I used to dye my hair all the time to try and achieve a new look and/or color and was never happy with it. It wasn't until I went all natural that I realized how thick, shiny, and pretty it was w/ just a rich medium brown.
By: jengbama
Posted: 11/4/20131:29:56 PM
I love not only being a redhead but also that I have natural curly hair.
By: heatherwicht
Posted: 11/4/20131:21:48 PM
I love that my hair is shiny and easy to style.
By: heatherwicht
Posted: 11/4/20131:21:24 PM
I love that my hair is shiny and easy to style.
By: yangkai
Posted: 11/4/20131:11:31 PM
I love all products of Weleda cause they are safe and natural. I am using Hair oil and feel very silky and my hair shines. will try other hair products.
By: staceyjae1
Posted: 11/4/20131:11:24 PM
I love texture and, as an African-American woman, I've got beautifully textured hair that responds wonderfully to being well cared for. I'm always looking for a nutrient-rich way to care for my hair. Thank you Weleda for new options from such a trustworthy brand!
By: lotus
Posted: 11/4/20131:10:19 PM
My hair is very thin and I used to crave thick hair. But now I love my hair and the fact that it only takes 5 minutes to dry and style!
By: karlos
Posted: 11/4/201312:56:44 PM
I love the color of my hair, especially in the sun!
By: dreamish
Posted: 11/4/201312:56:01 PM
I love how thick my hair is, and after my pregnancy I was lucky to get some glorious waves thrown in too!
By: karlos
Posted: 11/4/201312:55:56 PM
I love the color of my hair, especially in the sun!
By: jacva7
Posted: 11/4/201312:44:28 PM
I love that my hair expresses my unique style.
By: mfegreus
Posted: 11/4/201312:35:32 PM
I'm 64 and I love that I still have strawberry blond hair. Yes, some gray but it barely shows, more like highlights reflecting the sun. I love that Weleda has brought back it's full hair care line. Now my whole body will be pampered with these great products.
By: manuela.mccoy
Posted: 11/4/201312:34:04 PM
I love that my hair is soft and easy to style
By: sombleeshus
Posted: 11/4/201312:33:53 PM
I have naturally curly hair that will take shape to literally anything it is set against for any period of time. This can be fun and frustrating. I can say as I've grown older I am beginning to really embrace how lucky I am to have such unique locks!
By: melissande7
Posted: 11/4/201312:33:00 PM
What I love most about my my hair is how it looks and smells when I use beautiful organic products to care for it.
By: transpearancy
Posted: 11/4/201312:27:12 PM
I love when my hair is shiny and smooth. Hopefully Weleda will make that easier!
By: afitzgerald345
Posted: 11/4/201312:24:58 PM
I love that my hair is straight as a pin and does not need to be dried with a blow dryer every day!
Posted: 11/4/201312:09:26 PM
It took me a while to love my hair because straight was the "in" hair type. One day in college I decided to let it go natural and received so many compliments so the rollers and styling gels and hair dryer all used to straighten the curls were thrown out and I had a new beautiful freedom with my beautiful curly hair. As I age I keep it long and curly and love it!
By: mvaleriote
Posted: 11/4/201312:03:07 PM
My hair has great body and is easy to style.
By: naturallabeauty
Posted: 11/4/201311:58:12 AM
I love my curls :) Like Marcy, I used to dislike them and long for straight hair, but no longer!
By: naturallymarcy
Posted: 11/4/201311:50:26 AM
I love that my hair has natural waves! I used to resent being a curly-haired Asian but I love it now.
By: Mary_B333
Posted: 11/4/201311:50:04 AM
I love the color of my hair the most, because I'm a redhead!
By: pemberleyjones
Posted: 11/4/201311:48:38 AM
I love that my hair is wavy! But I'll love it more now that I have a Weleda shampoo option :-)
By: naturallymarcy
Posted: 11/4/201311:47:31 AM
I love that my hair has natural waves! I used to resent being a curly-haired Asian but I love it now.
By: naturallymarcy
Posted: 11/4/201311:44:47 AM
I love that my hair has natural waves! I used to resent being a curly-haired Asian but I love it now.
By: atartaglino
Posted: 11/4/201311:44:09 AM
what i love most is that my hair care (all my beauty and hygeine for that matter) is now CRUELTY FREE! i have made the commitment and my hair is loving it. wish i would have realized the importance long ago.
By: spazzzmo
Posted: 11/4/201311:43:44 AM
I love how easy my long hair is to comb, to brush, and to take care of. I don't need or use any crazy styling agents. Just baking soda and vinegar, and away I go!
By: purehoneybee
Posted: 11/4/201311:38:00 AM
I've always loved my hair for it's dark, rich brown color, but now I think what I love most is that it's got silver coming through it.
By: abarie1
Posted: 11/4/201311:22:47 AM
What I love most about my hair is the strawberry blonde color.
By: vincenzoecarc.
Posted: 11/3/201310:01:23 PM
I used to hate my red hair when I was younger. The constant teasing ! Having entered my 20's, my natural red color is now what I love most about my hair. It reminds me of the gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite paintings.
By: taral
Posted: 11/3/20135:45:44 PM
What I love most about my hair is the way it feels when I run my fingers through it. My husband love to play with my hair too.
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