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Get Your Face & Body Customer Questions Answered!
6/19/2014 7:22:52 AM

Customer Service Series Part 2 – Face/Body Customer Questions 

Our customer care team is happy to help select the right Weleda facial care product for you! Just give us a call (800.241.1030) or  In the meantime here are some answers to common questions about our Facial Care.

Which Weleda Facial Care products are right for me?

Answer a few questions from our Online Skin Consultant and get targeted advice just for you! I break out when I try new facial care products.  What can I do to avoid that?

We suggest that customers who are new to our natural products transition over with the Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Care line for 2-3 weeks, as it is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. This helps your skin stay calm as it detoxes from the chemicals in the conventional products.  Once the skin has transitioned, you can switch to our Pomegranate, Wild Rose or Iris lines, depending on your skin type and needs. These lines are more complex, highly active formulas.

Do you have an exfoliator as part of your facial care line?

We do not have an exfoliator as part of our daily facial care regimen.  Our products balance the skin without harming the its barrier function.  Over-exfoliating can damage that important protective barrier, which is there to protect skin from infection and irritation. We do suggest using the One-Step Cleanser and Toner on a damp cotton pad, which helps lift and remove dry skin and deeply cleanse pores. You can use a natural bristle facial skin brush 1-2 times weekly if needed. 

Do your moisturizers contain sunscreen?

We do not have a facial moisturizer with sunscreen.  European regulations require levels of UVA protection that are impossible to achieve with natural mineral sun filters. Our commitment to truly natural ingredients will not allow us to consider using synthetic filters. We do suggest checking your local natural products store for SPF that can be added to our creams or use a natural mineral powder sunscreen on top of our moisturizers.

Got any spot treatments for zits?

Believe it or not, Calendula Diaper Rash Cream comes in handy to dry a zit!  Put it on at home and watch the zit disappear!  An insider tip is the Calendula Essence sold from our pharmacy.  It is super concentrated calendula herb and has anti-inflammatory properties to stop emerging pimples from getting bigger.


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By: HallieCP13
Posted: 8/10/201611:28:04 PM
Nice post. Thanks for sharing this with us. And yes, massage is the best way to get your skin protected from anti aging issues too, naturally.
By: TiffanyRodriguez
Posted: 12/23/20159:42:55 PM
Hey thanks for sharing this with us. I'm having oily as well as dry skin which depends on weather. So I should massage it with massage palper-rouler daily or twice or thrice a week along with some Weleda massage oil? Due to this, my skin is suffering from some skin tissue issues.
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