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Beautiful relationships yield beautiful ingredients

We grow dozens of acres of herbs, flowers and fruits, but it’s not everything we need to cultivate beauty in the world. So we’ve developed partnerships that allow us to source ingredients from both small and large farms, cooperatives and cultivation projects, all while committing to sustainable, fair trade practices.

Could we cultivate every ingredient we need ourselves? Perhaps. But we believe forging relationships with wonderful partners helps us do a lot of good in the world. It enables us to spread the word to other farmers about the benefits of organic and Biodynamic® principles and help convert more lands to meet these high standards. Plus our partnerships help promote the wonderful social and environmental impact of fair trade practices. It’s gratifying to know that Weleda is not just creating wonderful beauty products; we’re creating a climate for positive social and ecological change. That’s a beautiful thing in itself.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is something we’ve been passionately committed to even before there was a popular buzzword for it.

Essentially, fair trade is an organized social movement by which companies empower small producers and promote sustainability. All of which is just fancy talk for good business. With fair trade practices, we pay a fair price for the crops we need, then guarantee quantities from year to year to help farmers—and the communities around them—thrive. We also help train and educate small farmers, assisting them in converting more farms into Biodynamic® or organic ones. The farmers get a living wage, we get better crops, the world gets more sustainable harvesting practices and you get the most effective Certified Natural by NATRUE ingredients to help keep you healthy and beautiful. Creating a sustainable planet and beauty for all—makes you feel all good inside, doesn’t it?

Weleda's Fair Trade & Sustainability partners around the world:


Wild sourced Arnica harvested from Carpathians Romania

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Organic sourced Iris Root Extract

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Organic jojoba oil from Israel

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Organic lavender from Moldova

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Rathania Root Extract from Peru

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Organic Rose Essential Oil from Turkey

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Organic Sea Buckthorn from Italy

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