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Where Beauty Begins

We are farmers. We’re up to our elbows in dirt, obsessing about weather reports and analyzing the pH of the rainfall. Not exactly the image that comes to mind when you think of a beauty company, but then, Weleda’s not your average beauty company.

At Weleda, beauty isn’t something that’s made in a lab; it’s something that’s cultivated right from the earth. Carefully. Lovingly. And certainly without pesticides or chemicals. Those things aren’t beautiful to us.

For nearly 90 years now, we’ve demonstrated that nature can nurture and the earth can heal. And so we grow our organic roses so you can glow youthfully. We gather golden arnica blossoms to tend to bruises and sprains. We harvest acres of wild-crafted and organic calendula for the comfort and health of newborn babies—and to inspire confidence in their cautious new parents.

We may plow and harvest 135 acres of Biodynamic® gardens around the planet. But what we cultivate, really, is beauty.