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Your Online Skin Consultant: Discover which facial care products are right for your skin type.

Weleda’s Facial Care supports your skin’s natural balance and health. Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, prematurely aging or naturally aging, caring for it can be simple. Answer the following questions to receive your Weleda personalized natural facial care recommendation and understand which products may be helpful for you during each time of the day, season of the year and at each stage of your life. With the right daily care your skin can glow with health and radiance—every day.

1. Please select your age
In my 20's Between 30 & 40 Between 40 & 50 50+
2. How would you describe your skin appearance?
Normal to combination: my skin is slightly oily & slightly dry My skin is oily with some breakouts My skin feels dry
3. Is your skin sensitive?
Yes, all the time with redness & itching Sometimes, during seasonal changes Never
4. What is your primary skin concern?
I want to keep it healthy and in balance I have some first lines that I'd like to smooth I would like to diminish my wrinkles My skin is very sensitive and in need of soothing and calming care