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Rose (Rosa Damascena)

This fragrant, pink-flowering plant yields Rose petals that provide the precious Rose essential oil, regarded to be more precious than gold. Rose Oil consists of over 400 components of essential oils, not all of which have been identified to date. In Greek mythology Roses are associated with the love goddess, Venus, as well as a symbol for resurrection. Romans associated roses with romance and happiness, crowning marital partners with rose wreaths and scattering them at the feet of heroes. This prized oil possesses harmonizing aroma therapeutic properties, promoting inner relaxation, balance and sleep. It is also one of the most beneficial and skin-friendly essential oils. Rose Oil is also known for its healing and antiseptic properties.

Rose (Rosa Damascena) Flower Wax is used in:
Rose (Rosa Damascena) Flower Oil is used in:
Rose (Rosa Damascena) Extract is used in: