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Skin Care Through the Ages
Skin Care Through the Ages

If there’s one thing that’s certain in our lives, it’s change. It’s true to nature, where flowers bloom and fade away, thunderstorms roll in and out, and tides ebb and flow. And it’s true in our lives. At age 40, or even 30, we’re not the same person we were at 20, and the changes are reflected in our lifestyle, our personality and of course, our skin.

As we journey through our life stages, our skin changes and renews itself with each passing decade. And although aging is inevitable, we can enhance our skin’s natural beauty by using products made with ingredients that help our skin function at its best—and that are specifically created for various periods of our lives. Weleda Facial Care, for instance, harnesses the incredible healing power of plants to provide our skin with a blueprint for beauty, giving it what it needs to stay in balance—the key to healthy, radiant skin—from one decade to the next. “Weleda’s Facial Care formulas actively impact the skin to strengthen it and improve its self-regulation qualities,” says Weleda European holistic skin care expert and esthetician Lilith Schwertle. “When you use the products over time, you will see there is a certain radiant glow that somehow seems to travel from within.”

Follow that plant

Every plant in nature is unique, but some have extraordinary healing qualities, and these are what make Weleda’s Facial Care philosophy so exceptional—that, and the fact that there are 90 years of experience in the products. The company’s first facial care product, Iris Cleansing Lotion Classic, was introduced in 1925. Then as now, each product was developed with a lead plant—almond, iris, wild rose or pomegranate—in accordance with a specific skin type and to answer the question, What keeps us and our skin healthy?

“By closely observing how a plant grows in nature, we can learn the impact it will have on our skin,” says Schwertle. “Because we all share a special connection to nature, our bodies have the ability to take in the message the plant is telling us and put it to good use. With the almond, for instance, the message to our skin is, ‘Just calm down,’ while the pomegranate says, ‘Get up and go!’”

The lead plant, with its special story to tell, is just the beginning. Weleda formulas are created with a potent blend of oils from nuts, plants and seeds, as well as plant extracts and juices, which work in harmony with the lead plant to enhance its effectiveness. Weleda sources Biodynamic® and organic ingredients whenever possible and carefully monitors every step in production, from cultivation through to harvesting and processing.

Sensitive? Almond is for you.

No matter our life stage or age, we all feel sensitive sometimes, and so can our skin. Whether the cause is an external one (pollution, dry air) or internal (allergies, stress), sensitive skin is typically dry, red, itchy and uncomfortable. Sensitivities may also come in the form of eczema or rosacea. Sweet organic almond oil, the key ingredient in Weleda’s Almond Soothing Facial Care, is just what our sensitive skin needs to develop the clear, even beauty of deeply comfortable skin.

The almond is truly a miracle of nature. While other trees in the almond family use all of their energy to develop their fruits into sweet, juicy peaches or plums, the almond tree stops these development processes and directs its entire strength and energy toward the seed that’s inside the fruit. Eventually the sun dries the outer part of the fruit, and it becomes a hard shell. The seed is nurtured within this protective shell by the heat and sun for six months, resulting in the formation of a nutrient-rich and edible kernel: the almond we all know—and love!

The almonds Weleda uses in its Almond Soothing Facial Care are organically grown in Spain. The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It helps restore a healthy balance and revive skin’s natural barrier, protecting against external influences, much like the almond shell protects its precious seed inside.

Iris: Made for your 20s

Between the ages of 20 and 30, our lives are filled with change. Each moment is a thrill; we’re curious about what the world has to offer, and our emotions are constantly in flux as we discover who we are. Similarly, our skin is teetering between oily and dry, striving to maintain balance amidst life’s changes.

“In our 20s, our skin is strong, resilient and functioning well, but there can be breakouts and a tendency to dryness or oiliness,” says Schwertle. “This is the time to build a strong, healthy foundation for beautiful skin long into the future.”

The iris root—the rhizome—is a true master of balancing extremes, which makes it perfectly suited for fluctuating 20-something skin. The iris root has an extraordinary ability to regulate its own moisture balance, providing additional hydration to the plant or storing water in the root as needed, which allows it to survive through long, fluctuating periods of drought or rain. These same moisture-regulating qualities in the iris root are what make Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Facial Care so effective for young skin.

Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Care contains Biodynamic® iris root extract from Italy, which is combined with other carefully selected organic ingredients, such as organic jojoba seed oil, organic cocoa seed butter and witch hazel. “In our 20s, our skin begins to memorize its experiences and take note of what has happened to it,” says Schwertle. “It’s important to develop a regular skin care routine during this time, using natural products that help protect, strengthen and balance the skin.” Schwertle suggests washing away dirt and makeup nightly using a deep-cleansing product like Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk. Follow with Weleda’s Refining Toner to remove any remaining traces of dirt and makeup and to refine and tighten the pores.

Rose: Made for your 30s

The rose is considered the symbol of harmony, beauty and truth, and this makes it a perfect complement for our skin during our 30s. During these years, our head and heart finally begin to find peace with each other. We seek to maintain our light-hearted, youthful energy, while also reaching a new level of maturity filled with a greater sense of inner calm and clarity.

As we reach this point, our skin is beautiful, yet fine lines begin to show, especially around our eyes and mouth. “In our 30s, our skin becomes drier, and environmental influences, coupled with stress and lifestyle choices from our earlier years, make themselves visible,” says Schwertle. “It’s a good time to begin using products, like Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care, that are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help fight the environmental damage that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.”

Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care is made with organic rosehip seed oil, which is high in antioxidant vitamins A and E. Schwertle recommends using the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion or Day Cream in the morning, depending on your skin’s level of dryness. “Then use the Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream to soften fine lines and help skin repair itself during its nightly regenerative cycle,” she says. “And apply an eye cream regularly, morning and night, to help firm the delicate area around your eyes—one of the places where fine lines first begin to appear.”

As we try to find a balance between our relationships, our families and our careers during our 30s, the delicate scent of the products, derived from the essential oils found within the petals of the Rosa damascena, conveys to us a feeling of harmony and peace. It’s just what you—and your skin—need during your 30s.

Pomegranate: Made for your 40s

Throughout our 40s and beyond, we gain a clearer perspective on life. For many, this is a time to reinvent ourselves and rediscover joie de vive. The pomegranate, an incredibly exceptional fruit, is perfectly suited to care for a woman’s skin in this stage of her life. Just as the pomegranate stores its energy inside its jewel-like seeds, a woman in her 40s is full of wisdom, with life and energy inside. The nutrients packed within the pomegranate’s seeds are symbiotic with this time in her life and the needs of her skin, which is why Weleda chose the pomegranate as the lead plant in our new Pomegranate Firming Facial Care. “Weleda’s Pomegranate Firming Facial Care imparts energetic qualities on the skin, telling the skin to get active,” says Schwertle. “It helps increase elasticity, so skin is firmer and more resilient.”

The essential fatty acids and antioxidants in pomegranate seeds help promote skin renewal, fight free radicals and support the skin for timeless beauty. Schwertle says that a potent serum is a great addition to your skin care routine in your 40s. “Weleda’s new Pomegranate Firming Facial Serum is like a refreshing, vitamin-rich fruit cocktail for the skin. The deeply nourishing Day Cream and Night Cream in the line support the skin’s renewal, moisturize and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

Teeming with organic argan oil, borage seed oil, organic millet seed extract and organic sunflower petal extract, Pomegranate Firming Facial Care gives aging skin what it needs to be its most radiant and beautiful. Like all Weleda Facial Care, it’s your blueprint for beauty. Follow it for naturally beautiful skin—at every stage of your life. No matter where life takes you. cr