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Lands of spas
Lands of spas

FUELED BY our worldwide obsession with beauty and our need to escape from the whirl of our everyday lives, spas have popped up on nearly every corner, whether urban or remote. Weleda’s spas in New York, Paris and Tokyo, however, offer something uncommon. With the use of Weleda’s direct-from-nature products and nurturing treatment techniques, they provide a haven for whole-body healing. Whether at Weleda: The Spa, Espace Weleda or a Weleda Natural Care Studio, the healing power of nature meets human touch to bring the mind, body and senses into harmonious balance. jb

Weleda: The Spa
Palisades, NY, U.S.A.

Nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley, just a few miles from the fashion and beauty metropolis New York City, rests Weleda: The Spa. Here, clients enter into a natural setting both distinctively special and instinctively familiar.

The spa experience remains very personal. Because no two people are identical, clients get customized attention and treatment from the staff, which includes esthetician Celia. “Weleda offers authentic products and services that our clients naturally need,” says Celia, in explaining the spa’s attractions. “Many clients also tell us they appreciate our natural, hands-on techniques instead of relying on machines or chemicals, which is so common in the U.S.”

If you had to pick just one product…

Almond Facial Oil

It is such a light, versatile product that anyone can use. Just a few drops can be applied to the skin in place of a moisturizer or under a facial cream for extra protection. Even though it is fragrance free [free of essential oils], it has a mild scent that clients love.

Espace Weleda
Paris, France

In the “City of Love,” as Paris has been dubbed, Parisians and visitors to the grandiose capital are experiencing a love for natural beauty. Espace Weleda, near the major shopping street the Champs Elysées, mirrors the city’s brilliance. The sparkling bottles and bright bouquets lining the walls welcome clients. In this rejuvenating space, they experience true comfort. Esthetician Magali combines gentle, nourishing facial treatments with relaxing massage. “An important part of the treatment is a gentle massage of the face with Weleda Wild Rose Intensive Facial Oil or Almond Facial Oil, according to the needs of each client,” explains Magali. “This massage is important to relax the face, especially around the eyes and the forehead, and detoxify the skin.”

If you had to pick just one product…

Wild Rose Intensive Facial Oil

When these precious oil capsules are used, the skin becomes more soft, supple and radiant. We call them ‘pearls’ because they are so special.

Weleda Natural Care Studio
Tokyo, Japan

In the land of the rising sun, Weleda products—formulated with plants picked as the sun awakens—rejuvenate clients of Weleda’s Natural Care Studios. Five such naturally oriented beauty centers and spas are carefully situated on calm and quiet streets amidst the bustling cities of Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kobe. Like the traditional Japanese bathing rituals, intended for cleansing and healing, Weleda’s spas induce relaxation and whole-body wellness.

Facial therapist Megumi offers her clients the most “organic treatment” and an escape from their daily chores and busy routine. When clients receive a treatment at the Weleda Natural Care Studio, “It is like they are talking to themselves,” says Megumi. “Their body understands what it needs. If someone uses a chemical product, it affects a lot and can be damaging. In Japan many people understand what is good for them and their environment. So they use Weleda instead.” Her clients, she says, leave relaxed, restored and happy, and their skin is happy, too.

If you had to pick just one product…

Iris Moisture Cream

This product gives the skin amazing results! It creates a good oil and water balance for finely textured skin. It is most popular because iris is so good for Japanese skin.