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Welcome to this special edition of we—the Weleda lifestyle magazine. As communications manager at Weleda, I write about our amazing products on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and now, in my new role as editor in chief, in this magazine. Last July I had the chance to visit our Biodynamic® gardens in Germany and see firsthand why Weleda products are truly special. The timing was perfect: Our calendula flowers were in full bloom and ready to be harvested. At dawn I met up with a team of seasoned Weleda gardeners, and as we meandered through rows of myriad healing plants, a rooster crowed and honeybees buzzed. Soon we came upon countless numbers of dazzling orange calendula flowers, stretching toward the morning sun as far as the eye could see.

We got to work carefully snapping off the blossoms, which soon filled dozens of crates. Before lunchtime, the beautiful flowers were delivered to the neighboring processing facility to be made into tinctures for our Calendula Baby Care. After enjoying a scrumptious salad at the Weleda Naturals Café, I went looking for the flowers we had just picked to take more pictures. Not possible, I was told. The plants had already been processed, so as to capture their nutrients and energy at their freshest and most vital point

Weleda is 90 years old this year, and still we work with the world in the same beautiful, sustainable way we always have, economically, socially and environmentally. In this issue of we, you’ll read about our newest cultivation project, learn about our unique facial care philosophy, and discover how to create your own sustainable garden. You’ll even pick up a few tips for how you too can live beautifully and sustainably to 90—and beyond!

We thank you for taking this journey with us, and we’d love to hear from you. Email us at, share your stories at and We may have been around for 90 years, but one thing is sure: We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

Carrie Ruehlman, Editor in Chief