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A Long View
A Long View

My husband and I recently welcomed our first baby, a girl we named Bailey, into our family. The experience has been wonderful, but it’s also re-awakened in me a sense of urgency about the environment. Now that Bailey is here, I find myself wondering what the world will be like when she is my age. What kind of planet are we leaving to her, to her children and her children’s children? What hardships will they be forced to endure because of our recklessness and inaction? My husband and I have promised to raise Bailey to be conscious of the effect her actions have on the environment, and for the sake of the planet, I hope that other new parents will do the same.

Soon after Bailey was born, the CEO of Weleda North America, Jasper van Brakel and his wife, Marieke, gave me a lovely book called A Child’s Way: Slowing Down for Goodness Sake, by Sharon Elliott. Elliott writes about finding harmony and resonance with a child’s natural rhythms, from which she says most adults have lost touch. I realized that by trying to get Bailey to nap on a strict schedule, to sit up in a baby chair and hold onto a rattle before she was ready, I was rushing her and forgetting that she will do these things in her own time. The book reminded me that she is wise, even if she is just a baby. If I listen, she can teach me things, like how to slow down and enjoy life and simply being together.

Bailey is now 6-months-old and we recently had a picnic in Central Park. As we laid on our backs under a shady tree, gazing upward through its branches, she was captivated by the bright green leaves blowing in the summer breeze. As she kicked her little legs in excitement and smiled her big toothless grin, I was reminded of how powerful nature can be, how much we need a healthy planet for our own well-being and how joyful it is to see the world through a baby’s eyes.


Carrie Ruehlman
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