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Keeping it clean
Keeping it clean

WASH. LATHER. Rinse. Clean. Such is the daily ritual—and obsession—of many. Showering products, however, are often anything but clean. Many body and shower washes are made from drying, irritating and aggressive cleaning agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) and unnatural petroleum-based cleansers.

These harmful materials are not part of Weleda’s pure, fresh and thoroughly clean body washes. Instead, in Weleda’s research and development center in southern Germany, east meets west and luxury meets efficacy. Dr. Junichi Nonaka, the expert Japanese scientist and manager of Cosmetic Development for Weleda, spent endless days and months finding the right blend of ingredients for a feel-good, good-for-your-skin and truly clean showering experience.

Dr. Nonaka’s first step was to find and combine natural cleansing substances in the right proportions. He selected two types of cleansing agents—both from natural sources, environmentally friendly and well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin, including that of babies.

A sugar-based tenside from the dried pulp of the coconut fruit, known as coco-glucoside, was combined with one of the mildest amino acid cleansers fermented from sugar and coconut oil. The combination of these gentle tensides resulted in the most delicate foaming cleanser.

These natural ingredients were then blended with the light, gently moisturizing plant oils from organic sesame seeds and sweet almonds. Next, the fragrance, a composition of fine essential oils, was selected with care. Each essential oil blend was created to uplift the human senses and help preserve the end product without changing the creamy formulas. “In chemistry, one plus one generally doesn’t equal two,” explains Dr. Nonaka. “As more components are added to a formula, the process of finding the right balance is like creating a piece of art.”

Each product imparts its own properties and essences through its unique essential oil blend and its trademark pure plant extract—the final key ingredient. In Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, biodynamic® calendula from Weleda’s Medicinal Plant Gardens in the hills of southern Germany gently soothes the scalp and skin of babies without irritating the eyes. Biodynamic® sea buckthorn oil from Tuscany revitalizes the skin in Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash; biodynamic® lemon oil from Sicily invigorates the skin in Citrus Creamy Body Wash; and organic rosehip seed oil from the Chilean Andes harmonizes the skin in Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash.

Combining Dr. Nonaka’s 20 years of scientific experience with Weleda’s 86 years of expertise has created the perfect balance of ingredients. “I always see product functionality as the focus. I research what a product is supposed to be like and then look for the best solution that is compatible with our philosophy and strict criteria,” states Dr. Nonaka.

The commitment and passion of this scientist and his team, along with the highest-quality raw materials, deserve the best through and through. At Weleda’s spotless production facilities in Germany, the creamy formulas are poured into nontoxic, food-grade, shatterproof and easy-to-handle PE (plastic) tubes. The room fills with aromas reminiscent of all the world’s natural paradises.

Only one thing can top what the Weleda research, development and production teams have experienced—a shower with one of Weleda’s body washes. After a long day of developing products, this is just what Dr. Nonaka does. “I like the Citrus Creamy Body Wash,” he reveals. “It’s especially great after sports.” jb and ir