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Bedside from the Weleda Spa
Bedside from the Weleda Spa

Soaking my feet in a warm, aromatic bath infused with lavender essence and rose petals, I settle into my Weleda Rejuvenating Facial. Before I drift away, Celia Lang, spa manager and esthetician for Weleda North America, answers a few lingering questions.

we: Why is a facial so important?

CL: A facial will deeply cleanse away dry skin and congested oils. Each step of cleansing and hydration, along with rhythmic massage, helps to balance the natural skin-rejuvenation cycle.

How often should I receive a facial?

Frequency of facial service depends on personal needs. If there is an acute issue, such as breakout or irritation, then it is best to come on a monthly basis. For “normal” skin, plan on having a facial—rhythmically—with each of the seasons.

Why a Weleda facial?

Each facial is customized to the individual’s needs. The client is given time to rest, relax and receive. The [Weleda Rejuvenating] facial is a natural treatment, encouraging the body’s natural functions without the use of aggressive [cosmetic] tools.

How do you help a client understand what products he or she should use at home?

Just as each facial is customized to the individual’s needs, so are our home care recommendations. We encourage an understanding of the ingredients, so that when product and skin care recommendations are made, the client has a thorough knowledge of how the different ingredients benefit the skin.

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