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Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent

My little girl, Bailey, has always loved taking a bath. Even now as a toddler, on the crankiest of days when nothing seems to make her happy, she is all smiles, giggles and kicks when we put her in the tub. Even though she loves bath time, sometimes for me it can feel like another to-do on a very long daily list. The article on page 32 by Shannon Honeybloom, a Waldorf teacher and author of Making a Family Home, reminded me of the importance of enjoying bath time instead of looking at it as just another chore. At the end of a busy day, bath time can be an opportunity for togetherness, tenderness and joy, a time to symbolically wash the day away and get ready for sleep.

I’ve been inspired to try to spend a little extra time gently massaging Bailey’s head, rinsing her with the warm water, tickling her in her towel and tenderly applying her Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion. I know it’s time well spent for her, and me too.

Cherishing “bath time” as “together time” is a piece of advice I would gladly share with other new moms out there. In this issue, we’ve reached out to six amazing women and asked them to share the best baby care advice they ever received from others. As a full-time working mom, I often ask myself, Am I doing it right? I found the advice these women shared incredibly honest, meaningful, and powerful. Every now and then it’s helpful to be reminded about what’s most important, and really all that matters, is that your baby is loved, cared for and feels secure. There is no one right way to be a mom.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Weleda Magazine. Don’t forget to clip the coupons in the back to save on your favorite Weleda products.

Carrie Ruehlman