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Your skin is naturally beautiful. But it is also often pulled out of its natural balance in response to changes in hormones, aging, diet and stress.

To ensure your skin is happy and healthy, Weleda formulates products that enhance your body’s ability to restore itself.

With an 88-year history as the pioneer of natural, organic, Biodynamic® and holistic skin care, Weleda offers a rich array of knowledge. Combined with the experience of Weleda esthetician Celia Lang, we have answers to your skin’s needs.

We invite you to ask us your skin care ponderings, and in upcoming issues we’ll highlight a selection of your questions and offer suggestions. Visit us at to begin our conversation.

Transitional breakouts may indicate the skin is clearing itself of imbalances caused by past use of synthetics. To avoid such reactions, re-establish balance and create an enlivened glow, begin with Weleda Almond Facial Care. Rich in vitamin E, almond helps calm and strengthen the skin’s natural functions.

Follow a simple Weleda routine: In the morning and evening, cleanse with Almond Cleansing Lotion. Rinse, partially towel dry and apply Almond Moisture Cream to damp skin. The Almond Intensive Facial Cream may be used for enhanced protection, alone or on top of the Almond Moisture Cream. Gradually introduce the Wild Rose Facial Toner, which supplies hydration and improves elasticity, followed by other Weleda Facial Care products according to your skin’s needs. With this simple approach, your transition to natural skin care will likely be an easy change, and one for the better.

Your skin may have a tendency toward dryness, sensitivity or over-production of oil based on heredity and environmental influences. Weleda formulates products with the purest natural ingredients—essential components to truly care for all skin types.

Sensitive skin that is reactive, allergy prone or shows rosacea-like redness and irritation calls for gentle Almond Facial Care. Essential fatty acids in the almond oil protect the skin from dehydration.

Dry skin can be due to sun damage, aging or a lack of natural oils and moisture. The skin often feels rough or tight and shows premature wrinkling and fine lines. The Wild Rose Facial Care line is a perfect example of how Weleda uses the whole plant—the seeds, petals and leaves—to hydrate and repair the skin’s natural barriers and strengthen elasticity.

For normal, combination or oily skin, which may also have blackheads or blemishes, Iris Facial Care targets the root of the problem. The extract from the Iris germanica rhizome stimulates the skin, reregulating the natural balance of oil and hydration.

As we mature, the production of natural oils, which soothe and protect, slows considerably, and the cells of our outer skin layers hold less moisture.

To bring the skin to a place of balance and health, first treat your sensitivities with Weleda’s Almond Facial Care.

As sensitivity lessens, begin to patch test Weleda’s Wild Rose Facial Care. This line is formulated with additional ingredients and essential oils to regenerate and revitalize mature skin. If your sensitive skin reacts well, consider transitioning into the line. Begin by alternating the Almond and Wild Rose cleansing lotions and switch to the Wild Rose facial creams as you feel comfortable.