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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

WHEN IT COMES to taking care of ourselves and our environment, less can be more. I reuse shopping bags, eat fewer unhealthy foods and care for myself with products free of chemicals, toxins and other ingredients that I am convinced do not belong in the human body. And through it all, one thing is for sure—this “natural” lifestyle has become “naturally” addictive!

While admittedly not perfectly “pure,” I focus on living in balance with my body and environment. I have realized that we can create change through our everyday choices by munching on organic rather than conventional apples, sipping biodynamic® wine and using the cleanest of clean skin care products.

For eighty-six years Weleda has shown us that through organics, biodynamics® and fair trade, we can sustain and care for our planet and its people. Such ideals, once relegated to the crunchy granola counter-culture, are now undoubtedly a part of everybody’s future. With this in mind, we bring you the following pages full of enriching topics relevant to today and, perhaps even more importantly, tomorrow.

We address the vital role of oils in “Every body needs oil”; share our proactive approach to protecting natural resources and the livelihood of people throughout local communities; reveal how we can truly keep it clean in the shower; and get down and dirty with worms—burrowing creatures quite literally able to change the face of our earth.

Over the next six months I invite you to join me as I strive ever more to “keep it clean” with the greenest of green goods and a conscious approach to balanced, everyday living. Share your progress, thoughts and ideas for creating a healthier and longer-lasting today and tomorrow with me at We’re in this together.