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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

Living naturally is a natural fit. However, a rise in synthetic and foreign flavors, aromas, colors and substances makes it easy to lose touch with what our bodies naturally need. The good news is that we can rediscover our roots and reconnect in the simplest of ways.

Whenever we plant a seed, water a flower, reuse a shopping bag, walk rather than drive the car, eat an organic apple, visit our local farmers market, clean our kitchen without synthetic substances, buy clothes made of organic cotton or care for our skin with purely natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients, we are helping sustain our Earth and ourselves.

For me, living sustainably and naturally is about seeing the world with wide lenses, well beyond the periphery of my comfortable, homemade environment. I have come to understand that everything I do affects someone or something else. When I support a local, organic farmer, reduce my carbon footprint by utilizing mass transportation and buy products made ethically and ecologically, the world is better off, and I feel better.

With each little, everyday change we return to our true nature. Growing our own plants (and food), cooking with the freshest, organic ingredients, protecting the diversity within our ecosystems, keeping a distance from genetically modified organisms and nurturing the honeybee are all ways in which we can cultivate our natural connections. Digging even deeper, our inherent relationship with plants becomes clearer as we explore all that we have in common—bringing us in touch with nature.

As we begin a new year, I encourage you to join us in living ever more naturally—every day. Share your own experiences, questions and thoughts at The rewards you will reap—all while giving back—are priceless.