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Five years ago, I turned organic. Although my back-to-the-roots awakening came not so long ago, it was still a time when the now all-abuzz “green” adage was hardly in vogue. But with the help of Weleda, I literally embarked on a life journey—deep into the thicket of all things natural. Inspired by the subtle yet genuine scent of Wild Rose Body Lotion, I rediscovered my deep-seated connection to nature and began making changes—one natural facial moisturizer, one organic apple, one Biodynamic® glass of wine and one indigenous cashmere sweater at a time.

Inherently, by birth, we are all shades of “green”—natural and organic. As we grow up, it is easy to lose touch with our origins through exposure to processed foods, synthetic household products and not-so-healthy skin creams. I know all too well. This was once my world. But just as these choices are habit forming, the healthier eco-options are equally as addictive. When you give them a dabble, you begin to crave the healthier alternatives and the perpetual empowerment of making these choices.

With this issue of we, we offer tips from our own “eco” experts and others on how to turn ever more green for the sake of a healthier personal environment (your home, body and family), which translates to a healthier and happier world (p18). Whether you roll up your sleeves and start composting(p25), or make time to give your baby a nourishing massage (p10) or simply spend a few minutes each day outdoors (p14), you’ll feel a refreshing difference. I certainly have.

So, into the green we go. We’d love to hear from you along the way. After all, this is a lifelong journey. Email us at, share stories and connect with us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and explore our blog ( for fresh ideas on living healthfully and holistically. But perhaps most importantly, have fun!

Jennifer Barckley