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Stop And Smell The Roses
Stop And Smell The Roses

As Weleda marks its 90-year anniversary, we’re celebrating 90 years of working in harmony with nature to benefit you, the planet and the partners we work with. This spring I had the opportunity to meet some of these partners when I went to Turkey, where we grow our fragrant organic Rosa damascene flowers, the ones we use to make rose essential oil. During my visit, I was able to see firsthand how Weleda walks the talk when it comes to social and environmental sustainability.

I’ll never forget the smell of the roses: beautiful and intoxicating — it was all my colleagues and I could do to tear ourselves away from the fluffy piles of petals drying on the cool concrete floor of the warehouse next to the fields. Weleda started this project with 30 farmers in 2003, helping them convert to organic cultivation. Today, more than 300 farmers have signed on and they are guaranteed a fair wage from Weleda year to year. Weleda also helped open a kindergarten for the farmers’ children. Michael Straub, head of Weleda’s Biodynamic® gardens in Germany and one of the people who developed this project for the company, knows all of the farmers in the project by name. He told me, “My first goal in starting this project was to help the farmers.”

Roses have long been symbol s of harmony and balance. And isn’t balance something we are all looking for in our lives? In this issue, you’ll find tips for finding balance in this busy world on page 18. For ways you can use natural products to embrace your natural beauty, head on over to page 12. And if there are any new moms or moms-to-be out there, on page 24 you’ll discover how to gently care for common newborn skin ailments.

That said, we hope you enjoy this issue of Weleda’s we magazine — and that you always remember to stop, take a deep breath, and smell the (organic) roses.

Carrie Ruehlman, Editor in Chief