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Weleda Magazine is Going Digital!
Weleda Magazine is Going Digital!

For the last five years and 10 issues, we’ve covered natural products and healthy, green living in the pages of this magazine. We now have more than 31,000 print subscribers, and we’re grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of the Weleda family. But, after much thought and many long discussions, we’ve decided to make the magazine available by digital subscription only. If you are currently a print subscriber, this will be the last issue you receive in your mailbox.

While we know there is something irreplaceable about holding a physical magazine in your hands, we decided that this is the best decision for the environment, for the company, and ultimately, for you. Since Weleda was founded 91 years ago, environmental protection has been one of our most important values, and we felt that printing so many copies each year runs counter to this principle. There is simply no ignoring the fact that it requires countless resources to print this magazine, from the energy it takes to run the paper mills to the gasoline required to deliver it to each doorstep.

Print readers, don’t fret: Just visit to give us your email address and have future issues delivered to your inbox twice a year. You’ll also still be able to pick up a print copy at natural health food stores nationwide.

We hope to see you online!

Carrie Ruehlman
Communications Manager
P.S. Longtime readers may note that the name of this magazine has changed from we to Weleda Magazine. But it’s still the same magazine you know and love. Got feedback? Send it to me at We’d love to hear from you.