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Ask Customer Care
Ask Customer Care

Have you ever called Weleda Customer Care with a question about a website order or a product? If so, you’ve likely spoken to Dena Moskowitz or Tom Donohue, our pair of superstar customer care representatives who work at our headquarters in Irvington, NY. Always smiling and always willing to help a customer out, these two are Weleda veterans. Tom has been with Weleda for 19 years; he worked in shipping before landing in his current role, which fits him like a (garden) glove. Dena has been with Weleda for almost 21 years. She’s worked in everything from shipping to marketing and is now the manager of customer care.

So the next time you can’t decide which Weleda facial care line is best for you, or you’re wondering if you can use Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash to clean the family dog (a frequently asked question), then give them a call (800.241.1030) or email Carrie Ruehlman

In the meantime, here are their answers to other commonly asked questions.

» Should I use the Calendula Diaper Care to prevent diaper rash or just to heal it?

Dena: Calendula Diaper Care contains healing zinc oxide, which is ideal for soothing irritation from diaper rash without the use of harsh chemicals. If your little one has a red and sore rash, use it each time you change the diaper. Once the skin has calmed, you can switch to the Calendula Baby Cream for the soothing daily care of your baby’s bottom and for diaper rash prevention. You can also use our Calendula Oil or Calendula Lotion on a towel or tissue as a natural, gentle baby wipe.

» I have an intolerance to gluten and am concerned about it being in my personal care products. Do your products contain it?

Tom : Celiac disease is a digestive intolerance to gluten, a protein that occurs naturally in wheat and other grains. It is unlikely for a person with celiac disease to have a reaction to a skin-care product, since gluten can only be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. However, some people have wheat allergies, which may cause them to have skin sensitivities. Many Weleda skin-care products and medicines contain alcohol derived from organic wheat, and some products contain wheat germ oil or malt extract from barley. We heat and distill our alcohol and filter our wheat germ oil to remove allergy-causing proteins, but we cannot guarantee that all of the residues are removed. That’s why if you have a gluten intolerance that could be a wheat allergy, we recommend that you consult with your medical practitioner before using any of our products containing alcohol, malt extract or wheat germ oil, as indicated on the ingredient label.

» I am a vegan who tries to avoid animal ingredients in my products. I was wondering why you use lanolin in Skin Food?

Dena: Skin Food is a Weleda formula that has not changed since it was created in the 1920s. (It’s like they say: If it’s not broke...) In addition to plant ingredients like pansy, chamomile and calendula, Skin Food contains lanolin, a wax made from wool that shares a similar chemistry to our body’s own skin oils. As a skin-care ingredient, it’s super: it has the unique ability to absorb twice its weight in water, protecting the skin against moisture loss. Lanolin helps make Skin Food the moisture miracle-worker it is for healing dry spots on hands, heels and elbows. Our lanolin comes from sheep in New Zealand, and they are not harmed in any way; the lanolin is extracted from the wool as part of the natural wool-shearing process. Weleda uses only hypoallergenic lanolin and any pesticide residue that may have blown over from neighboring farms has been reduced to levels below those for European food limits.

» Wondering if you have any tips for getting the most product out of your tubes? I wasted so much of my Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion and just repurchased (because it’s amazing!). Any suggestions?

Tom: Customers often call us asking this same question, and fortunately, there is an easy way to get every last drop of product out of the tubes we use to package Skin Food, Foot Balm, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn Hand Creams and also our toothpastes. We recommend a tube roller that you can pick up at any art and crafts supply store. It will help save money while keeping the tubes neat.