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Flower Power
Flower Power

COINED THE “patron saint of muscles and bruises,” arnica relieves and restores everything from bruises and muscle tightness to inflammation and sprains. This powerful botanical is used in essential body care and medicinal products such as body oils, ointments, gels, essences and tinctures. Whether ingested or massaged into the body at gyms, racing tracks or massage therapy practices, arnica provides relief to professional and recreational athletes during warm-up, competition and post-endurance, when the body is regenerating.

The power of this radiant yellow plant lies in the 150 substances that make up its flowers. One key component, silicic acid, is responsible for arnica’s great strength and its ability to restore the human body. Silicic acid regulates the body’s internal and external formative processes. When the muscles and tissues are broken down by a blunt injury such as a sprain or prolonged impact such as intense running, the silicic acid in arnica activates the body’s natural self-healing powers to repair the damage. Two other active components of arnica, helanalin and dihydrohelenalin esters, have powerful pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Flavonoids (antioxidants), carotinoids, tannins, essential oils, resin and sugar substances are among arnica’s other essential ingredients.

Native to mountainous terrain, arnica has proven to be a mighty plant. As strong as it is sensitive, it produces a brilliant, golden sea of flowers when in bloom. The plant thrives despite thunderstorms, hail, showers, frigid cold and other extreme conditions. However, if not grown in healthy soil, it can easily be destroyed. While arnica loves silica-rich soil, it refuses to grow in the presence of lime or artificial fertilizers, or in heavily acidic or alkaline conditions. In such inhospitable environments, arnica not only ceases to flourish but also vanishes for several generations. Only healthy arnica plants, grown and harvested in a balanced ecosystem, can fully release their salutary properties in body care and medicinal products.

Revered throughout generations, arnica symbolizes tradition and progress. In our rapid-paced lifestyle of pushing, climbing and jumping faster, higher and farther, arnica remains essential. Ir