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Caring for our skin should be quite simple. And it is—with a little help from nature. Simplicity, health and lasting beauty are best found in pure, natural ingredients.

While you and your skin are naturally balanced and beautiful, your skin and entire body are often pulled out of this balanced state in response to hormones, aging, diet, stress and the environment. With Weleda’s products, formulated to enhance your body’s ability to restore itself, your skin will be healthy and happy—ever after. With an almost 90-year history of cultivating beauty with 100-percent-certified natural skin care—specially formulated with natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients—Weleda offers a rich array of time-tested expertise.

We are happy to share our deep insight with you through our products, this magazine, our website, our blog and our Facebook and Twitter fan pages. We also pose your individual questions to Lilith Schwertle, our European holistic skin care expert and esthetician, and on these pages she provides answers. So read on and then send us your skin care ponderings. In upcoming issues we’ll offer solutions to a selection of your questions. Keep the conversation going by following our blog and joining us on Facebook and Twitter. jb

I have very sensitive skin, and I seem to react to almost everything. What can I use to have happy and healthy skin?–M.S.

LS: Weleda’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free Almond Facial Care is specifically made to soothe very sensitive skin. The complete line includes only a few, very effective natural ingredients— including nourishing sweet almond oil and antioxidant-rich plum kernel oil. Almond Facial Care reduces skin irritation and feelings of itchiness while fully moisturizing sensitive skin. To begin, use Almond Cleansing Lotion in the morning and evening: apply it to a damp cotton pad and massage it softly over your face without rubbing. Gently towel dry and follow with a moisturizer according to your needs—either Almond Moisture Cream for warmer seasons and for when your skin is feeling less dry, or Almond Intensive Facial Cream for extra support and protection on colder, drier days. For extra nourishment and a naturally beautiful glow, use the Almond Intensive Facial Masque at least once a week. You will soon feel a little less sensitive and instead, radiant and renewed.

I love your products but have not yet tried your facial creams. Can you tell me the difference between your moisture creams and day creams? –P.B.

LS: Finding the right Weleda facial cream is quite easy. Our moisture creams are extremely light and very refreshing. They provide immediate hydration for whenever your skin feels dry or in need of a little care–throughout the morning or day. Moisture creams are ideal for use during the warmer and more humid spring and summer seasons. Weleda day creams and intensive facial creams are perfect for all-day protection, helping your skin adjust to situations such as air conditioning, heating systems and other environmental factors. These nourishing creams are ideal for dry skin and for use during colder fall and winter seasons. Both Weleda moisture creams and day creams are a great base for makeup, and they deeply care for and moisturize your skin all day and every day.

I’ve noticed that many of your products contain nut oils. Why is this? –M.M.

LS: Nut oils are precious gifts from nature. The sun leads their development process, so nut oils are both incredibly warming and nourishing—helping you feel cozy and centered when you eat them or wrap your skin in their light embrace. They contain a special mix of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the metabolic process in the skin and body. Each oil has its own character, offering a special cocktail of nutritious ingredients that support the skin so it stays healthy, bright and glowing from the inside out. So feed your skin with their goodness!