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Compounding nature into medicine
nature into medicine

The alchemist heart of Weleda beats within the compounding pharmacy. Here, bottles are filled with medicine developed from nature and decades of experience.

Petra Augenstein, chief pharmacist for Weleda North America, has in-depth knowledge of more than 800 homeopathic and anthroposophic* prescription medicines. Along with her team, Augenstein extracts, distills and custom-compounds these preparations within Weleda’s state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy in Palisades, N.Y.

The roots of this modern-day apothecary date back to the 1930s. Operating out of the Goodman Volksapotheke in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, pharmacist Dr. Schiller compounded the first Weleda preparations in the United States.

Today, hundreds of patients and doctors order their daily doses through the Weleda Mail Order Pharmacy. Additionally, medical students and practitioners attend hands-on training seminars at this distinct location. Here they can capture the past, the present and even the future of complementary medicine—lifetimes of health.

Weleda’s healing remedies were first created in 1921, based on indications by the renowned Austrian natural scientist and philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner, in collaboration with the Dutch medical doctor Dr. Ita Wegman. Together they formed a medical research laboratory in Arlesheim, Switzerland, giving birth to what is now known as Weleda.

This pioneering organization—the first to formulate medicines with biodynamic® raw materials—selected the herbs from its Medicinal Plant Gardens. Today, over 300 hand-planted and hand-picked biodynamic® plants are grown on three continents in Weleda-operated gardens. These home-grown herbs are formulated into fresh tinctures and delivered to the Weleda pharmacies throughout the world.


Anthroposophic Medicine views healing as a multi-faceted process that brings the human being’s body, soul and spirit toward greater health. Based upon the philosophy of Anthroposophy founded by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), it is widely practiced in medical offices and hospitals throughout Europe.