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Getting to the bottom of it
Getting to the bottom of it

The secret is out! More than 90 percent of all women, encompassing every body type, are reported to have cellulite. The good news is that cellulite is not a medical concern but rather a question of aesthetics. This prevalent skin condition arises naturally but can also lessen naturally through a whole-body approach. By living a balanced lifestyle and following a comprehensive skin care program, we can begin to change the way in which we perceive and treat our beauty marks—our cellulite.

Having heard a myriad of de-dimpling questions from women worldwide, we undress cellulite—naturally:

Why do virtually only women get cellulite?

A woman’s elastic connective tissue, which surrounds the insulating fatty cells of the lower skin layers, is much softer and more relaxed than that of a man’s. The factors that cause cellulite, including genetics, hormones, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet, are intensified when the storage and breakdown of fat becomes unbalanced.

How can eating habits influence cellulite?

Eating the right food helps the skin become firmer. The art to eating healthy comes down to a well-balanced diet that gives the body everything it needs. Our body’s acid-alkaline balance, a result of eating the right foods for our bodies, plays a key role in the structure and functioning of the body’s proteins, cellular respiration, the distribution of mineral nutrients and the functioning of the connective tissue. Look for fresh, natural products from organic or biodynamic® farms. Drinking the right amount and type of liquids is just as important. Water is the best natural beauty elixir.

Can cellulite be eliminated with exercise?

Physical exercise combats cellulite by stimulating blood circulation and burning fat. When it comes to exercise, however, what counts is not performing at a high level or reaching the top, but rather gentle, regular and sustainable physical activities. Jumpstart this process by walking instead of taking the car whenever possible, and never miss an opportunity to walk up or down stairs. Well-trained muscles in your legs and rear make the skin tissues firmer.

Is there a beauty protocol to counteract cellulite?

Make an effort to leave everyday stress behind and take time for yourself. Practice this personal care and begin the day with an invigorating brush massage and/or a hot-cold alternating shower. Such simple techniques stimulate the circulation and help you feel awake and revitalized. Finally, massage your skin with Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil, applying the oil with circular movements. The active beauty extract of organic birch leaves encourages the excretion of fluids and the metabolic activities. Nourishing oils such as apricot kernel, wheat germ and jojoba keep the skin smooth and supple.