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Calcium through the ages
Calcium through 
the ages

Everything in life flows along a rhythmic process. Day and night. Inhaling and exhaling. Building-up and breaking-down. The metabolism of the human organism also pulses to this rhythm, including seemingly stable and unchanging parts such as bones and teeth. Through the process of taking in and releasing nutrients, the body forms a strong structure and then grows over a long period of time. Minerals—most importantly calcium—are key to this cycle.

Natural calcium absorption aids such as Weleda Calciodoron AM & PM support the body’s building-up and breaking-down processes. This development is strengthened by a balanced, calcium-rich diet. People undergoing growth and change need more calcium to support their bone structure, such as pregnant and nursing women, growing children and adolescents, adults in taxing situations and the elderly.

Life begins with calcium:

During pregnancy and lactation, a woman needs more nutrients than usual in order to support the baby’s healthy development. A high-quality, whole-food diet made up of biodynamically and organically grown food best ensures an optimal supply of nutrients. When a woman is pregnant, she must nourish both herself and her baby. Her teeth are, therefore, at greater risk of becoming damaged—possibly leading to cavities and bleeding gums. Calcium is, therefore, essential.

Growth begins with calcium:

Throughout childhood and adolescence, it is especially important to reinforce the body’s metabolism and develop a solid bone structure. An overexcited nervous system and allergies—particularly those from food—as well as headaches and insomnia are often signs that the body is not in balance. Meeting the body’s calcium needs through nutrition alone poses a challenge, as children and adolescents have an inclination toward nutrient-depleting foods such as refined sugar and fat-laden products. Calorie-restrictive diets common among today’s body-conscious teenagers can also lead to nutrient deficiency. Both situations can result in an imbalance in the body’s build-up and breakdown processes, calling for additional calcium.

Healthy aging begins with calcium:

As the human body ages, both building-up and breaking-down processes occur. If one predominates over the other, rheumatic discomforts or osteoporosis can result. Internal balance is key to long-term health. By supporting the body’s metabolic processes, Calciodoron AM & PM can help the body manage fatigue during the day and stress-related symptoms that make it difficult to sleep at night.

Development and health are bound by calcium. Through each life phase—from infancy to old age—calcium strengthens the body and helps it prepare for the next bend in its continuous path. Learn more about Weleda Calciodoron AM & PM at