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I am we: Brighid Kennedy, 26
I am we: Brighid Kennedy, 26

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, our new face of we, Brighid Kennedy, came to New York for our photo shoot and truly graced us with her Weleda radiance. We haven’t stopped smiling since. While on set she took a break to tell us what keeps her glowing.

Meeting Weleda

I grew up on Bainbridge Island, right off the coast of Seattle, in a great community with lots of forests, beaches, parks and friendly people. I fell in love with Weleda when I was working up the street from a Whole Foods. I love using Weleda products because they are all natural, so my skin not only feels good afterward, but I feel good knowing the products are safe. Everything smells fabulous, and my skin just seems to glow when I use them.

When I found out I was going to be the cover model for we I couldn’t believe it. I started jumping up and down and crying. I was so excited. I get to represent a company that is so wonderful and makes women feel so good about themselves. With Weleda, it feels like women are honoring themselves just as they are.

My favorite product...
okay, products

I love the Iris Day Cream—that is my favorite. It’s the only face cream that doesn’t make my face break out, and it doesn’t feel oily. I also love the Salt Toothpaste. It’s unlike any other; it’s so fresh and minty and still salty and it’s one of the few toothpastes without fluoride in it.

In my free time

This past summer I started an organic garden with [my fiancé] Evan and Maddie [my soon-to-be stepdaughter]. We really wanted to live in a more sustainable way and to teach Maddie the whole process of growing food so that it doesn’t seem like it just magically appears at the grocery store. We have been composting and using the soil to give nutrients to the garden, and we don’t use any pesticides or herbicides.

After the Shoot: A Facebook Post

My New Years wish was to be open to new opportunities...and what an adventure this one has been! I have been having a great time with my auntie and grandmother in Baltimore trying out everything [from Weleda]! The Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil and Birch Body Scrub are our new favorites!! I can already tell a difference in the tone and softness of my skin since landing in New York, and with all your help I know I will be glowing for our July wedding!! So much love and thanks to everyone at Weleda!!!

Love, Brighid