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New Babies Join the Weleda Family
New Babies Join the Weleda Family


Babies love rhythm. They clap their hands, they giggle, they sleep, they cry—all to their own beat. But babies need help in finding a balanced rhythm for healthy development. After a long day spent processing new impressions, babies find a warm bath soothing and comforting. With their rapidly developing bodies, little ones are very sensitive to their new world, and the warmth of the bath water helps them adjust to the day’s cycle. When combined with Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath, bathing becomes an especially relaxing, nourishing and cleansing ritual for both parents and children.

Weleda Baby Calendula Cream

Bath is comprised of only the most wholesome, biodynamic®, organic and natural ingredients derived directly from nature and free of chemicals—including synthetic drying detergents. Biodynamic® calendula flower extract soothes and warms the skin, comforting the baby and preventing irritation. Sweet almond oil and organic sesame seed oil nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. This softly soothing formulation gently cleanses and cares for a baby’s delicate skin, protecting it from moisture loss.

As babies curiously explore their new world, they touch and feel nearly everything and everyone. While it is not necessary to clean their bodies every day, it is important to keep their skin healthy and free of irritants, including harsh chemical detergents and foaming agents. Therefore, a cleanser made of mild, plant-based ingredients should be used. Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash conveniently cleans a baby head to toe with sugar-based cleaning agents, sweet almond oil, organic sesame seed oil and biodynamic® calendula flower extract. Gentle on the eyes and skin-friendly, this wash helps make clean-up time playful and pampering. .....


Sun is warming and stimulating; sun activates the metabolism; sun strengthens our body’s immune system and promotes the production of vitamin D for healthy bone development.

The sun’s rays, however, can also do damage. They can be especially harmful to the developing skin of children. Sun exposure should be avoided until the age of 12 months. Children can then tolerate short-term sun exposure when covered with a hat and protective clothing. True care and protection of delicate skin must also come from chemical-free and water-resistant physical sun barriers. Weleda Children’s Sunscreen SPF 18 reflects UVA and UVB rays with the exclusive use of micronized mineral UV filters: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Such mineral-based pigments are especially recommended for protecting children’s delicate skin because they are very stable against the sunlight, in addition to being well tolerated, gentle and safe for the skin.

Plant extracts also possess skin-protecting benefits. Edelweiss, coined the “King of the Alps,” thrives under the intense light of the mountain sun. This sturdy flower therefore protects even the most sensitive skin from the sun and other environmental elements. Carrot extract works with edelweiss to scavenge skin-damaging free radicals that naturally develop from UV-radiation. Weleda Children’s Sunscreen SPF 18 is formulated with organic edelweiss extract, vitamin A-rich carrot extract and skin-nourishing and protective organic sesame seed oil, organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil for skin-caring benefits beyond sun protection.