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With this year marking Weleda’s 90-year anniversary, you can be certain that we’ve accumulated quite a bit of knowledge about skin care and the natural world over the years. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that nature has everything our skin needs to be its most radiant, healthy and beautiful. We’re happy to share our time-tested knowledge and expertise with you through our products, this magazine, our website and blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (see inside back cover). On these pages, we pose your questions to Lilith Schwertle, our European holistic skin care expert and esthetician. So read on, and then send your most pressing skin care conundrums to us at cr

I am in my 30s and my skin is slightly oily, but I’m starting to worry about wrinkles. Should I be using a night cream? –K.R

LS: Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream is perfect for the 30s, when those first lines are just beginning to show. Like all of our night creams, it’s deeply rich and nourishing, made with evening primrose oil and myrrh to counter first signs of aging and with organic olive oil to provide moisture during your skin’s nightly regenerative cycle. But since your skin is on the oily side, the Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream may feel a bit rich. If so, you can use Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion as your day and night cream—the formula’s organic rosehip seed oil will maintain your skin’s youth and vitality without feeling heavy. That said, depending on where you live, you may find that the extra-nourishing Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream is better suited for the job of caring for your complexion in the winter, despite the oil. No matter which product you choose, your skin will be smooth and radiant in the a.m., so you can concentrate your worries on something a little more important than a few fine lines.

My skin gets extremely dry and irritated in the winter. What can I do to keep it healthy? –K.L.

LS: Keeping our skin healthy and happy during the winter is no easy task. Fortunately, Weleda makes a few products that are excellent for restoring skin to its most beautiful, healthy state. Cold Cream, formerly known as Everon Face Balm, is ideally suited for dry and very dry skin that’s exposed to extreme conditions. Perfect for skiers and other cold-weather outdoor enthusiasts, it’s made with pure beeswax, which leaves a breathable layer on the skin that helps protect from moisture loss. Weleda fan-favorite Skin Food is ideal for cracked hands and heels, or wherever dry skin needs some serious TLC. Our Almond Soothing Facial Oil is also helpful for added protection. You can add a drop or two to any of our moisturizers, or use it to give yourself a gentle, comforting facial massage. After the massage, cover your face with a hot towel and let the nourishing oils work their magic on your winter-weary skin. Now, doesn’t that sound warm and cozy?

My eyes are puffy, and fine lines seem to be becoming more prominent. Do you have an eye cream you would recommend? –P.Y.

LS: The skin around our eyes is fragile, so it’s important to use a specially formulated eye cream that will keep the skin healthy. Weleda makes two fragrance-free eye creams. Those in their 30s will benefit from our Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream, a delicate cream made with organic rosehip seed oil and organic orpine extract to soften first lines and reduce puffiness. Our new Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream is more suitable for aging skin. Antioxidant-rich organic pomegranate seed oil and organic argan kernel oil help firm and protect from damaging environmental influences, while extracts of organic sunflower petal and organic millet seed boast anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin A to help smooth skin. To use, start with a pearl-sized dollop on the pad of your ring finger. Beginning at the outside of the eye, gently pat the cream under the eye toward the nose, then over the eyelid—morning and evening.