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Cultivating Beauty 101
Cultivating Beauty 101

You and your skin are naturally beautiful. But your skin and entire body are often pulled out of their natural balance in response to hormones, aging, diet, stress and the environment. To ensure happy and healthy skin, Weleda formulates products that enhance your body’s ability to restore itself.

With an almost 90-year history of cultivating beauty with 100 percent certified natural skin care—specially formulated with natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients—Weleda offers a rich array of time-tested knowledge and expertise. Combined with the experience of Weleda esthetician Celia Lang, we have answers to your skin’s needs.

We invite you to ask us your skin care ponderings, and in upcoming issues we’ll offer solutions to a selection of your questions. Visit us at for more information and to contact us, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (see p4) to begin our conversation. jb

I have combination skin. When I try to control the oily areas, my skin often becomes dry and irritated. How do you suggest I care for my skin? –D.D.

CL: Weleda Iris Facial Care is specially formulated to gently support the skin’s capacity for bringing its moisture levels back into balance. This line includes the rhizome of the Biodynamic® iris plant, which helps calm overactive oil production while protecting against dryness.

Begin and end each day by cleansing your face with Weleda’s Iris Cleansing Lotion Classic in the oily areas or with Iris Cleansing Lotion on drier areas. After-ward, apply Iris Facial Toner to the oily T-zone area—the forehead and nose. In addition to the Biodynamic® iris root extract, Weleda Iris Facial Toner balances the skin’s pH and pacifies active oil glands. To spot treat acne and areas of inflammation, apply a small amount of the toner with your fingertips several times a day.

Oily skin needs moisture, too. Iris Moisture Cream—especially ideal for the spring and summer season—provides light yet long-lasting hydration. For the drier fall and winter seasons, Iris Day Cream may be needed for added protection. After your evening cleanse, apply Iris Facial Toner followed by a small amount of Iris Night Cream. A healthy balance of moisture results in skin that will look and feel naturally beautiful every day.

As the seasons change I feel my skin changing as well. How should I alter my facial care regimen with the seasons? –S.M.

CL: Your skin is constantly making subtle adjustments in response to the weather.

Throughout all seasons, care of the delicate skin around your eyes is essential. Weleda Wild Rose Intensive Eye Cream provides essential, everyday care—day or night. Everon® Lip Balm should also be used during all seasons, to nourish and protect your lips from drying and chapping.

Daily use of a Weleda moisture cream and/or day cream protects the skin from dehydration. During the spring and summer seasons, when the temperatures are warmer and the air is less dry, Weleda’s light moisture creams are ideal. In the fall and winter your skin—depending upon your environment and skin type—may benefit from an easily absorbed moisture cream followed by a protective day cream. Weleda night creams are perfect year-round for overnight repair and rejuvenation so your skin can awaken fresh-faced.

Extreme cold and wind call for extra measures. Create a physical barrier of protection with Everon® Face Balm, a favorite of those who enjoy outdoor activities.

For help finding which Weleda products are best for your specific skin type, visit

I noticed that Weleda does not have a facial exfoliant. Why is this? –B.V.

CL: Good question! Your skin naturally exfoliates and rejuvenates itself on its own. Every 28 days healthy, living skin cells are formed and migrate toward the skin’s surface, forming its protective layer. After serving their function these cells are sloughed off naturally.

Overuse of chemical and mechanical exfoliants prematurely removes outer skin cells—the sealant keeping your skin hydrated—and changes your skin’s inherent rhythm.

Weleda facial and skin care products support your skin’s natural exfoliation by removing only those cells that are ready to fall away—leaving you with a clean, even, healthy look and feel and cultivating long-term, lasting beauty.