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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

WE ARE CONNECTED. Relationships, after all, are what life is all about.

But beyond people-to-people ties, we’re intertwined with our earth and all it brings to life. Our daily interactions keep us in constant communication with our environment. Nature speaks through soil, plants, animals and people, and we speak to nature through the food we eat, the water we drink and the earth we tread upon.

As we see the daily news reports amass on global warming, the collapse of bees and our exposure to chemicals through products, we must harmoniously reconnect and rebuild an intimate relationship with our world. Like any relationship, this begins with care and respect—giving back to the earth more than we take.

The food I eat and the pure Weleda skin care and medicines I use reveal that nature creates perfect partnerships, particularly between plants and people. Plants give us fresh air, health, beauty and benefits beyond those we have scientifically discovered. In turn, when we tend to them with organic care, we help plants harness the earth’s goodness.

This relationship is tangible in the glow of Kurt Künzi’s Biodynamic® sea buckthorn, the warmth radiating from Ernst Augustin’s organic sunflowers, the naturally energized ecosystem of Weleda Naturals and the wonder of fresh, raw soil. Bountiful and beautiful, each of these thrives without the use of synthetic chemicals. To see the other side, we examine the realm of manmade substances and how you and I are (and are not) protected.

Our goal: to save your face and that of our earth. We hope you join in, share this with your friends and neighbors and—as one world worldwide—connect together to heal and nurture our earth. Share your “saving face” successes at Collectively, we can face forward to reveal a renewed, fresh future.