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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

I welcome you to the inaugural issue of we—the lifestyle magazine brought to you by Weleda. Over the past 86 years, we have developed an in-depth insight into nature and human health, developing natural, organic and biodynamic® body care, medicines and sustainable business practices.

In order to share our expansive view into sustainable living for a healthier future, a Swiss-based Weleda magazine was born in the early 1930s. A worldwide community of loyal readers—speaking 14 languages and living on five continents in 20 countries—has since formed. Each version of the magazine unites the unique cultural flavor of its home country with global perspectives. You hold the first issue published in North America.

I first discovered Weleda while working with a fashion and beauty magazine. I loved all things with high-end name brands (which I perceived as quality) and sleek packaging. However, perched in the beauty closet for hours, engulfed in a sea of lip glosses in every shade from blushed pink to furious magenta, I became jaded by the touted “latest and greatest.” Until, that is, Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion fell into my well-oiled, lotioned, sparkled and perfumed hands. Its real cobalt-blue glass bottle, enhanced only by the real fragrance of fresh, organic roses and really soft texture, suddenly appeared larger than life—too good to be true amid the other dizzying colors and fragrances.

I now know that all of this is indeed real—a quality that the obscure chemical laboratory and its new miracle potion cannot duplicate. It is so real that you and I can see, touch and smell what goes into each bottle and tube when we step out into nature and experience our world and its beauty.

We bring you this natural beauty and, what should be, everyday pleasures ever more tangibly as we explore biodynamic® gardening and cooking, caring for your baby, spa regeneration, and the other wholesome subjects that cover our pages.

I hope that the topics explored by we will be as life-enriching for you as they are for me. I also invite you to share your questions, thoughts and suggestions. Write to me at, and stay tuned for our next issue in July.