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Berkshire COOP Market
Berkshire COOP Market

The Berks hire Co-op Market is a cooperatively owned store that sells local organic products and groceries, and buys from producers with the highest standards.

The store’s history goes back to the late ’60s, when families in Great Barrington started forming buying clubs. These clubs would buy large quantities of food and then split the cost. The buying clubs helped the families get a better quality of food at a lower price. Today there are more than 2,200 active owners who participate in the Berkshire Co-op.

Hesty Morley, who works as a buyer in the Wellness Department, sums up why it’s so important to live naturally. “When I think of living naturally, I think of living as nature intended. No added chemicals, no pesticides — just very pure. There is minimal processing, the products are as close to the natural state as possible, and there is a smaller impact on the environment.” Morley who is also a big label reader, suggests that if you don’t recognize the ingredients on the label, you probably shouldn’t use the product.

The Berkshire Co-op has devoted customers, who choose to shop there specifically for their high standards and farmers-market feel. “There is a sense of community and people gravitate toward it,” says Morley. “Many customers come in specifically looking for Weleda products. The number-one, top-of-the-line Weleda product is Skin Food. It just flies off the shelf and it’s hard to keep it stocked.”

Stop by Berkshire if you happen to be in the area. They have a café, hot bar, salad bar, grab-and-go section, and on Friday nights there are fresh-baked pizzas. Take it from Morley: “Berkshire is more than a grocery store!” - Cory Scanlon