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These days we are so “connected,” we hardly have time to really connect. Recently a cab driver told me that since people have begun carrying smartphones, they’ve stopped talking to him. No more chitchat, no more spontaneous conversations. It seems we’re so linked in with the whole world that we are losing touch with the people we meet every day.

But I think this situation is changing. Our disconnection is making us long to feel a connection to others, and also to the earth, our communities, our food and even to the products we use in our homes and on our bodies. At Weleda, we believe in making the connection. That’s why we create this beautiful magazine, full of stories about our brand and advice you can apply to your own life. And it’s why we connect you with the most potent natural ingredients for your skin.

This is a celebratory issue of we, because this year, Weleda turns 90. Dr. Rudolf Steiner founded the company in 1921, yet Weleda still lives by the same mission and values—centered around respect for human beings, nature and sustainability. We’re convinced we can make a difference by growing our ingredients in Biodynamic® and organic gardens, and by offering you truly natural skin care, baby care and medicines that tap into your body’s self-healing abilities. Our dedicated team is incredibly inspired and motivated to bring our 90-year mission to life every day, for every one of you.

Over 90 years Weleda has grown into a global brand, and through experience, quality and authenticity, we hope to continue growing by being a company you feel connected to, with products that are effective and good for us and the earth. While rooted in the past, we are continually investing in research and introducing new offerings, and we never forget our mission to protect ecology and create meaningful products and partnerships.

We hope you enjoy this celebratory issue of we. And remember to stay connected!

Jasper van Brakel, Chief Executive Officer