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Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

LIFE IS A balancing act. Every day I rise with the sun and repeat to myself, “Live in balance.” For me, this generally means sleep more and work less. Yet while I feel myself creeping closer to this place of centeredness, I often think about what it really means to be in balance.

And that seems to be the point. Because our entire lives cannot be put on a scale of weights and measures, whole body balance is instinctual. Our bodies know what we need to remain healthy, happy and holistically centered. The more I have tuned in, the more I know balance can be achieved only when I give my body natural goodness, which begins with fresh air, organic food, natural and organic skin care and rejuvenating rest.

Balance is also at the heart of connectivity— our physical world in contact with our mind and our soul. A walk outdoors brings us closer to our environment. A phone call links us to a distant friend.

Weleda has helped remind me that while life may get a little bit wobbly, we can bring ourselves right back to center. A dab of pure facial cream, a massage with light oil, an aromatic bath—all from the touch of nature—give balance.

Such everyday savorable moments remind us where balance begins. We are connected, for instance, to the organic roses and the people who pick them. Inherently, we are also coupled with the gentle honeybee and the blossoming sweet almond tree.

Because balance is not only a healthful life essential but also a lifestyle, we share what beauty means to us through “Reflections of real beauty” and “Balanced beauty”. We hope that you will join us in seeking balance. Share what this means to you at Together we can discover equilibrium within ourselves and our world.