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We have a lot to celebrate! Every day, we awake anew—fresh, vibrant and alive. When we live life with joie de vivre, we radiate this very energy and youthful glow!

Age, after all, is not just a number. When in her 90s my great-grandmother seemed to be in her 70s. This, I believe, is largely attributed to her positive outlook on life, the balance she found between stillness and activity, and her healthy diet, coupled with moderate yet regular exercise.

When we are aware of and in tune with each aspect of our life—the physical, emotional and mental—we can define our own age. In truth, we’re only as young or as old as we feel.

Likewise, our beauty can exude timelessness. Just as flowers, trees and all of nature constantly renew—blossoming, losing leaves, forming lines around their trunks and blossoming again, becoming younger, in a sense, over time—we too can embrace the natural cycles of life, feeling and even looking younger through the ages.

With this in mind we explore and share a beautiful, holistic way of living and aging, getting in touch with our inner and outer selves. As Weleda launches its new Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care collection, we reveal the vital secrets of the pomegranate fruit (p4) and how we can, actually, live happily ever after (p18). And because beauty extends beyond us, we also examine the benefits of bugs (p26), how to keep babies (and waterways) clean (p14) and much more.

Join us in celebrating life, including yours! Together, we can cultivate ever more beauty all around. Let us know the joy and radiance you’ve created, and share your questions and thoughts at For now, take this moment to simply feel beautiful, and regenerate yourself!