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Calendula Body Cream

Nourish and Protect Dry, Delicate Skin

  • Certified Natural by NATRUE, Europe's Leading Natural and Organic Certifier
  • Highest-quality organic calendula and chamomile extracts soothe baby’s skin
  • Can also be used in the diaper area as a barrier cream to prevent irritation cause by wetness

2.5 FL OZ | Price: US$12.50

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Calendula Body Cream

How to use

Apply Calendula Body Cream daily or as needed on your baby's face and body for dry skin or irritation. It can also be used on your baby's bottom when changing diapers to help prevent diaper rash. If your baby does get a diaper rash, use the Calendula Diaper Rash Cream until it subsides.

Nourish and Protect Dry, Delicate Skin

Weleda Calendula Body Cream is a rich, protective cream for every day use that's made with soothing certified natural by NATRUE ingredients to deeply moisturize a baby's dry skin. Rich and moisturizing, it contains botanical ingredients that soothe and calm irritated, dry skin.

Organic calendula extract, grown in Weleda's own Biodynamic gardens in Germany, softens and wraps your child in a layer of warmth and protection, while anti-inflammatory organic chamomile extract calms and comforts. Essential fatty acids from sweet almond and sesame oils render delicate or chafing skin supple and smooth. Fairly traded beeswax protects the skin without impairing its natural barrier.

Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Flower Extract

Commonly referred to as Marigold, this annual herb is from the Family Asteraceae, the Sunflower Family. The plant is native to central, eastern and southern Europe. It is made up of single, yellow to bright orange colored flowers that capture the strength and heat of the sun as it rises in the morning. The Calendula plant is comprised of carotenoids, flavonoids and essential oils. This gentle and nourishing botanical possesses powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria) Flower Extract

This annual herb, also known as German Chamomile or Wild Chamomile, blooms small white flowers between May and August. It is found throughout Europe, except in the extreme north, and throughout northern Asia. The flowers of this plant possess gentle, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hydrolyzed Beeswax

A natural form of Beeswax derived through the hydrolysis—the process of turning something into water—of beeswax. It possesses the same skin caring abilities as Beeswax and help gives a formula consistency.

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  • Ginger C.Posted: November 13, 2016

    I decided to try this as it was right next to the diaper rash cream (which I use for heat rashes) and I am amazed at how moisturizing it is! I use it all over, hands, body, face... it is a nice night time face moisturizer as the calendula is calming and my super dry skin feels so much better. The calendula baby products are great for adults too!

    SUZAN C.Posted: June 28, 2016

    I've been using Weleda's Calendula products for many years and was the only product line I'd use for my son when he was an infant. Even now, he still likes using Calendula body cream because of its light scent and its effective moisturizing benefits.
    It's also great for really dry skin or any kind of rash or irritation.

    Diane L.Posted: August 28, 2015

    I love the cream and told my partner about it. Unfortunately he is allergic to almonds and had a bad reaction. The ingredients are not on the tube.
    Keep away from anyone with tree nut allergies.

    Wendy J.Posted: July 29, 2015

    I love the scent and that you do not product test on animals.

    Jennifer L.Posted: February 05, 2015

    For the last six months I've been suffering from a horrible case of contact dermatitis on my hands and eyelids. I've not been able to find a single moisturizer that doesn't sting and make my rash worse. Until I found Calendula Body Cream. I'm so relieved that there is something I can use to moisturize my super dry skin without causing me more problems. Thank you so much.

    Julie W.Posted: January 25, 2015

    I have sensitive skin on my face. The dermatologist gave me a prescription ointment. It worked ok, but did not totally help the rash I was getting. I did not like putting that drug on my face. I came across a calendula ointment in the natural section of the store is helped a lot but was so greasy. Then I found Weleda Calendula baby body cream, No more rash!!!! I use it every day on my face and am thrilled. Now I use the toothpaste (salt is my favorite) other lotions and creams, Now cannot wait to order the cleansing cream and toner I just saw on this website!

    Miss T.Posted: September 14, 2012

    The baby cream cleared up my chronic seborrhea dermatitis overnight! I then started using the body wash on my face and I now have baby smooth, perfectly clear skin. Thank you!

    Miss T.Posted: September 14, 2012

    The baby cream cleared up my chronic seborrhea dermatitis overnight! I then started using the body wash on my face and I now have baby smooth, perfectly clear skin. Thank you!

    A B.Posted: March 11, 2009

    I have had problems with facial products for years. Breakout after breakout, product after harsh product, I had to make a change to my skin care routine. Professionals kept giving me glycolic-based products, chemical-based products, even sensitive skin products that, when the ingredient label is scrutinized by knowledgeable eyes, too are full of harsh chemicals. My face was ravaged, and sometimes even painful. Good skin care shouldn't hurt.I decided to find a natural product with a short, understandable ingredient list, so I picked up a tube of your Calendula Baby Cream. I have never been so in love. My skin has cleared up, and I now only feel a soothed and moisturized instead of raw and irritated. I now am delving into other products by Weleda, and loving each new thing I try. Thank you SO much for your products, you have saved my skin.



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