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Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion

Promotes radiance and moisturizes mature skin

  • Firms and increases skin elasticity
  • 92% organic, vegan and gluten-free
  • Fresh, floral fragrance made with pure essential oils

6.8 FL OZ (200 ml) | Price: US$16.50

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Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion

How to use

Turn upside-down and shake before first use. Hold at slight angle while dispensing.

Promotes radiance and moisturizes mature skin

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion is a luxurious moisturizer for dry, mature skin that provides intensive, long-lasting nourishment and hydration.

Skin-restoring organic evening primrose seed oil delivers essential fatty acids that help restore the skin’s protective barrier, while organic shea butter smoothes and replenishes, leaving skin soft and hydrated. Gotu-kola extract, known for its ability to promote collagen production, helps increase firmness, so skin appears more supple and youthful.

Rich and restorative, this certified natural by NATRUE body lotion leaves skin radiant and renewed, with a soft, floral scent inspired by blooming evening primrose flowers.

Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis) Oil

Commonly referred to as Evening Primrose, this light, high quality oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds. It is comprised of a high content of omega 6 essential fatty acids and Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). It is ideal for the treatment of dry skin and inflammatory conditions, such as eczema and arthritis.

Olive (Olea Europaea) Oil Unsaponifiables

Commonly referred to as Olive Oil, this prized oil comes from the bluish-black fruits that mature out of small, yellowish-white blooms from the evergreen Olive tree. Olives are native to the Mediterranean region. The pulp of the Olive contains both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It is made up of a particularly high quantity of Vitamin E-rich unsaturated Oleic Acid. This warming oil is well-tolerated by the skin and restores moisture and nourishment to dry, rough skin.

Millet (Panicum Miliaceum)

Millet originally grew in eastern India and was cultivated in China as early as 2500 B.C. where it was regarded as one of the five holy plants. First recommended by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras to promote health and strength, millet has since been used in skin care to fortify and enliven. This type of grain grows to a height of up to 4ft with broad leaves and hanging panicles. It is more resilient to harsh conditions than other grains, often flourishing in areas that would otherwise be too cold or dry. The seed extract contains mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E that contribute regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. The extract also contains silicic acid that promotes the formation of collagen and elastin while helping to retain moisture.

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  • Valentina F.Posted: February 22, 2016

    This lotion has a nice consistency and soaks in well. However it has an unpleasant smell. I was hoping it would "air out" after some time. But it never did. Maybe it's just my nose :) I will stick to Sea Buckthorn from now on as I know that smells great!

    Geraldine H.Posted: September 09, 2015

    I use this lotion throughout the day, particularly on my hands and arms.

    Iit has a “just right” consistency, not too thick but not watery. Absorbs quickly and completely, leaving a lovely, fresh scent that not only smells nice but lifts my spirits a bit too, with each application!

    I keep this one handy, right beside the soap dish, as a quick “pick me up” after washing my hands. ♥ it!!!

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