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Weleda > Jardin De Vie Rose

Jardin De Vie Rose

Inspired by the scent of Wild Rose

  • Captures the essence of Rosa damascena blossoms
  • Floral and gentle composition
  • Certified Natural by NATRUE, Europe's Leading Natural and Organic Certifier

1.7 FL OZ | Price: US$24.00

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Jardin De Vie Rose

How to use

Spray onto skin.

Inspired by the scent of Wild Rose

A harmonious blend of sweet and fresh florals that merge together to create a romantic aroma, this floral fragrance of romance and poetry has a gentle composition that ensures a light and authentic fragrance.

Made with pure essential oils this scent has been handcrafted by Weleda’s in-house perfumery using only high-quality essential oils sourced directly from Weleda’s fair trade partnerships. This captivating fragrance is free from phthalates or any synthetic chemicals

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Fragrance (Parfum) from essential oils. Geraniol is a occurring component of essential oils, such as Rose Oil, Geranium Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Lavender Oil and Ylang-Ylang Oil.

Water (Aqua)

Formed from two hydrogen bonds and oxygen (H2O), this liquid substance makes up the majority of all living matter. * Weleda uses distilled and deionized water. Distilled water has been boiled and the steam has condensed, yielding pure, uncontaminated water. Deionized water, obtained through the ion exchange process, is free of ions, such as those from Sodium, Calcium, Copper and Iron. As a result, Deionized Water is also a purified form of water.

Parfum (Fragrance)

Fragrance (Parfum)* denotes the presence of essential oils in a formula. Essential oils are health-promoting and life-preserving ingredients. Essential oils have been used for centuries for mummification processes and wound healing due to their ability to “preserve” the various plants from which these oils are a part. Essential oils, versus synthetic compositions, enhance our wellbeing both mentally, spiritually and physically. Essential oils stimulate our mind and body, awakening our senses and stimulating the parts of our brains that control our emotions and regulate our hormones. Physically, essential oils promote the circulation and metabolic functions of the skin and its tissues. Furthermore, almost all essential oils possess fungicidal and bactericidal properties, purifying and promoting the health of the skin.

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