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Almond Soothing Facial Oil

calms and nourishes

1.7 FL OZ (50ml) | Price: US$25.50

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Almond Soothing Facial Oil

How to use

Use as an intensive treatment in combination with the Facial Lotion/Facial Cream or as an alternative. Pour a few drops of Almond Soothing Facial Oil into the palm of your hand and apply to clean, slightly moist skin. For a regenerative intensive treatment for dry skin, massage a small amount into the skin with the fingertips in the evening. Especially recommended for skin susceptible to wrinkles, such as the eyelids, neck and décolleté.
To remove eye makeup, apply a few drops to moist cotton pads and gently wipe over the eye area.

calms and nourishes

Sensitive skin gets indulgent nurturing with this soothing, hypoallergenic Almond Soothing Facial Oil. Our natural Almond Oil for face is a deeply absorbent, fragrance-free treatment that gently restores your skin’s healthy balance and revives its natural protective functions.

Use almond oil for face treatments to acquire a radiant glow. Your skin is rendered perfectly supple and smooth by the easily absorbed essential fatty acids in organic sweet almond oil, the base of our Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil. Plum kernel oil works with the almond oil for face, balancing and soothing your sensitive skin thanks to high quantities of antioxidants and vitamins A and E. Organic blackthorn flower extract, high in skin-toning tannins and vitamin C, protects your skin by helping it strengthen when you treat yourself. Your skin feels deeply restored, soft and protected with Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil. Indulge your sensitive skin’s daily thirst for the calming balance of purely natural nourishment.

Customer Testimonial:

Every year around september I go to Montana to visit my family. That time of year it is starting to dry out & get cold, down to 20 degrees at night. And every year I prepare myself for the inevitable dry flaky irritated skin that Montana weather always gives me. I live in Southern California, so I'm used to hot weather. On my last trip to Kalispell Montana, it was especially cold. About a month before leaving I finally decided to try Weleda facial care produts, since I have sensitive skin I chose the Almond skin care line. I use the Almond soothing facial lotion & a drop of the almond oil every day & night. I knew I loved it the first time I tried it. Well, I can honestly say that this was the first time EVER that I did not have dry, flaky, irritatated skin while in Northern Montana!! What amazes me even more is that this product can go from our hot weather in Southern California without over moisturizing to dry cold weather in Northern Montana literally over night & still maintain perfect balance and effectiveness. I only had to increase to 2 drops of almond oil with my daily routine & my skin stayed beautiful!! The funny thing is that my expensive eye cream, which is not Weleda, was not so effective. After 2 days I ended up using my Almond lotion around my eyes instead, and that worked great!! I can honestly say I will be switchhing over to a Weleda eyecream ASAP! Thanks Weleda!!

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