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Arnica Massage Oil

soothing and warming skin care

3.4 FL OZ (100ml) | Price: US$22.50

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Arnica Massage Oil

How to use

Apply a small amount of Arnica Massage Oil to damp skin. Massage in a circular motion (always towards the heart) until it is absorbed.

soothing and warming skin care

Tired, aching muscles get immediate relief with this nourishing oil. It’s a soothing natural beauty treatment that deeply nourishes your skin as your body and mind relax.

When used in combination with massage, organic and wild-crafted arnica flower extract provides a soothing layer of warmth that unwinds your taxed and tight muscles to relieve stress. Organic sunflower seed and olive oils are easily tolerated and absorbed by your skin, restoring moisture and nourishment. Packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, they help soften and tone your skin. Essential oils of lavender and rosemary calm your mind while your skin soaks in soothing nourishment and your muscles get some potent and well-deserved replenishment. With body and mind nourished and relaxed, there’s no more room for tight, aching muscles in your naturally beautiful being.

Customer Testimonial:

A long time ago when I was a FT dancer & massage therapist, I used to use Arnica Massage Oil to take the kink out of my overworked muscles & to unlock the muscles of my massage clients. I always LOVED its smell. 20 years later, after 40 years of dancing (& no health insurance either!), my lower left leg is paying the price. The ankle was broken 6 times from too much tap dancing!! The problem now is a swollen, brown, weakened calf & foot. I have been using the Arnica Massage Oil on both legs & wow, I am so glad I went out of my way to re-find this fabulous oil. Its ingredients tingle their way into my muscle cells & stimulate my circulatory & lymphatic systems to do their thing! Thank you so much.

Cherelle Kooiker

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