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Burns and bites get healing relief and soothing care from this 100% petroleum-free homeopathic ointment. It’s quick comfort for skin that’s stinging from minor burns, insect bites or exposure to the sun, without the possible side effects of topical anesthetic creams.

Your painful redness is soothed away by organic and wild-crafted arnica, renowned for its natural anti-inflammatory properties that expedite pain relief. Nettle helps to ease the itching of bites and scalds, reducing your impulse to scratch and shortening the healing time. It’s a natural essential to a healthy home’s first aid kit where the whole family can seek relief from sun-soaked summer days, buggy nights camping, or a burn from making breakfast. Make those minor burns and itty-bitty bites a small, painless price to pay for living a naturally active and healthy life.

**This statement has not been reviewed by FDA. It is supported by traditional homeopathic principles.

Active IngredientsArnica Montana Extract MT (M) 0.125g, Urtica urens MT (M) 2.375g.
Inactive Ingredients
Alcohol, Algin, Glycerin, Water.

Customer Testimonial:

I burned myself severely last week when ironing, and the burn was painful and slow to heal. I stopped by Whole Foods in West Hollywood and purchased your Wound-Care. The instant I applied it, the pain diminished and today (Tuesday) the results are amazing! This is just one of my many successful experiences with your products. I am a loyal customer FOR LIFE. Thank you.


P.S. I am especially pleased that there is access to so many more of Weleda's products on the shelves at my health food store. There was a time when all there was were your soaps.

Now I can really have fun!

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