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Calendula Body Lotion

Gently nourishes and moisturizes delicate skin

6.8 FL OZ | Price: US$16.50

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Calendula Body Lotion

How to use

After a bath, apply Calendula Body Lotion to your baby’s entire body and gently massage in. The lotion will absorb quickly into your baby’s skin.

Gently nourishes and moisturizes delicate skin

A soothing, nourishing lotion, made with 99% organic ingredients, perfect for moisturizing delicate skin.

This light, nourishing and all-natural body lotion is dermatologically proven to be skin-friendly, even on sensitive skin. Organic calendula flower extract soothes skin and wraps your child in a nurturing layer of warmth, like a loving hug. A light base of organic sweet almond oil ensures that the lotion is easily absorbed, while beeswax smoothes your baby’s skin and protects from dryness. The lotion now comes with a new and improved top for easier application.

Tip: Ideal for every day use to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft from head-to-toe.

Customer Testimonial:

I am a dedicated user of your baby products for my 7-month-old son, and also myself. We both have allergies and very sensitive skin. We were both suffering with chronic skin irritation from all the Johnson & Johnson baby products. Within 2 days of using your products our skin was so much better. Thank you.


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