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Citrus Deodorant

Refreshing deodorant

  • Certified Natural by NATRUE, Europe's Leading Natural and Organic Certifier
  • Works to keep you smelling great
  • Free of aluminum salts

3.4 FL OZ (100ml) | Price: US$14.00

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Citrus Deodorant

How to use

Apply Citrus Deodorant as often as needed throughout the day.

Refreshing deodorant

Residual odor from naturally detoxified skin gets neutralized and freshened with this zesty deodorant. It’s an effective, non-aerosol spray that invigorates and refreshes as it eliminates the sources of unpleasant body odor.

Lemon peel oil has invigorating properties and also serves as a purifying disinfectant. With no risky antiperspirants such as aluminum salts, your body’s natural detoxification process is supported while bacteria that cause unpleasant odors are neutralized. You’re left smelling fresh and feeling the citrus-induced invigoration of organic lemon peel oil. Spray whenever you need a purifying burst of full-body aromatherapy to freshen your entire being throughout the day.

Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) Peel Oil

Commonly referred to as Lemon, the yellow fruit is grown on small trees in the Mediterranean. This oval-shaped fruit grows amongst white blossoms and emits a fresh and invigorating fragrance. The peel is comprised of invigorating essential oils, made up of components such as Limonene, Citral and Coumarin. Lemon Oil possesses skin-tightening and toning effects. It also serves as a purifying disinfectant, making it ideal for treating oily, tired and stressed skin.


Fragrance (Parfum) from essential oils. Limonene is a occurring component of essential oils, such as Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Fennel Oil and Lavender Oil.

Water (Aqua)

Formed from two hydrogen bonds and oxygen (H2O), this liquid substance makes up the majority of all living matter. * Weleda uses distilled and deionized water. Distilled water has been boiled and the steam has condensed, yielding pure, uncontaminated water. Deionized water, obtained through the ion exchange process, is free of ions, such as those from Sodium, Calcium, Copper and Iron. As a result, Deionized Water is also a purified form of water.

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  • Natalia G.Posted: July 08, 2016

    I have been searching for a natural deodorant for quite some time. I used to use Tom's deodorant but I found that it made me itch with the glue like residue left behind. I decided to try this citrus deodorant. The first day I used it was while I ran a 10k race in a 85 degree weather. I was amazed that even though I was sweating I felt good knowing that there was no odor. This is a brand that I trust and very happy that I found this. I like the refreshing smell and it last me throughout my day. Overall this products works well when exercising or not.

    Mara B.Posted: March 01, 2016

    I just bought this deodorant, and I love it! It totally works and there are no chemicals. Just told my mom about it and now she is buying it. Thank you Weleda for making this product so awesome!

    Lauren D.Posted: December 01, 2015

    I have been using other alternative deodorants for years and they just haven't been cutting it lately. I just started using Weleda Citrus Deodorant and it is like night and day! I even smell it when I go to bed at night after just applying it once in the morning. I will never go back, thank you Weleda!

    Linda D.Posted: September 19, 2015

    I have been using Weleda for about a month in 80 to 90 degree heat, and this is by far the best deodorant I have ever tried. The typical name brand deodorants are too harsh for my sensitive skin and the other natural deodorants just don't seem to get me through the day. This stuff keeps the odor away faithfully. I highly recommend it to anyone who is not satisfied with anything else.

    Antonio R.Posted: April 16, 2015

    the best quality deodorant i have used, Citrus smells as a fine perfum

    Crystal C.Posted: September 16, 2013

    The Citrus deodorant works great. I need to apply it more frequently than conventional deodorant but it is very effective. I love this product and have found it more effective than the natural mineral deodorant.

    Lindsay B.Posted: June 01, 2010

    I was looking online for eco friendly deodorants and a few pages came up with this product. I never tired a spray deodorant but I have to say I am so incredibly happy with this product. Great scent and best part that it's vegan!! Thank you so much for making products that are friendly to ourselves and our environment!

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