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Rose Soap

mild cleanser with a delicate flowery fragrance

3.5 OZ (100g) | Price: US$11.00

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Rose Soap

How to use

Apply Rose Soap to your wet hands or a wash cloth. Wash your hands and/or body and rinse with clean water.

mild cleanser with a delicate flowery fragrance

Tired skin gets cleansed and renewed with this revitalizing soap. It’s a gently cleansing bar soap packed with therapeutic properties that keep you feeling nice and balanced.

Worth more than it’s weight in gold, organic roses provide a potent, rejuvenating oil that gives your body a radiant glow. Pure, natural vegetable oils forms a delicate, creamy lather that nurture your body and rinse away clean. Body and mind are renewed in perfect harmony with skin that’s luxuriously soft and refreshed. Nurturing your naturally beautiful self is the perfect special occasion to indulge in the timeless beauty of organic roses.

Customer Testimonial:

Do not hold a baby upside down .

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