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Rose Soap

Clean and rejuvenate dry skin

  • Certified Natural by NATRUE, Europe's Leading Natural and Organic Certifier
  • Plant-based cleansers take nourishing care of normal and dry skin
  • Organic wild rose leaf extract provides antioxidants

3.5 OZ (100g) | Price: US$11.00

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Rose Soap

How to use

Apply Rose Soap to wet hands or a wash cloth. Wash your hands and/or body and rinse.

Clean and rejuvenate dry skin

Weleda Rose Soap is a mild bar soap that cleanses without drying like most soaps can.

Pure, certified natural by NATRUE saponified olive oil and coconut oil gently clean without stripping or drying skin. Organic wild rose leaf extract and rose essential oils provide a luxurious fragrance that balances body and mind.

Refreshing and pleasant, this skin-pleasing bar soap will leave you feeling pampered, radiant and lovely as an organic wild rose.

Rose (Rosa Damascena) Extract

This fragrant, pink-flowering plant yields Rose petals that provide the precious Rose essential oil, regarded to be more precious than gold. Rose Oil consists of over 400 components of essential oils, not all of which have been identified to date. In Greek mythology Roses are associated with the love goddess, Venus, as well as a symbol for resurrection. Romans associated roses with romance and happiness, crowning marital partners with rose wreaths and scattering them at the feet of heroes. This prized oil possesses harmonizing aroma therapeutic properties, promoting inner relaxation, balance and sleep. It is also one of the most beneficial and skin-friendly essential oils. Rose Oil is also known for its healing and antiseptic properties.

Sodium Olivate

This Olive Oil derivative is formulated through the saponficiation process, which involves the hydrolyzation of Coconut Oil in the presence of sodium in order to create soap. It serves as an emulsifier and gently cleanses the skin.

Water (Aqua)

Formed from two hydrogen bonds and oxygen (H2O), this liquid substance makes up the majority of all living matter. * Weleda uses distilled and deionized water. Distilled water has been boiled and the steam has condensed, yielding pure, uncontaminated water. Deionized water, obtained through the ion exchange process, is free of ions, such as those from Sodium, Calcium, Copper and Iron. As a result, Deionized Water is also a purified form of water.

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  • Trenton W.Posted: January 03, 2016

    This soap is great for the face, and not just the body. I use both the rose and the calendula range of products in my face. I enjoy using both product ranges, depending on the time of the year or as to how my skin feels. This soap is so much better than the cleansing milk and toner products, as those two items are loaded with alcohol. One would think that Weleda would list and promote their bar soaps for facial caresses, but they fail to do so.

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