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Travel - Salt Toothpaste

convenient, on-the-go teeth care

  • Natural protection for clean, healthy teeth and gums
  • Helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Sea salt and baking soda help whiten and clean teeth

0.34 FL OZ | Price: US$2.50

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Travel - Salt Toothpaste

How to use

Apply a small amount of Salt Toothpaste to a dry toothbrush, and brush over the teeth and gums for a thorough cleaning.

convenient, on-the-go teeth care

Teeth in need of a whitening scrub-down get sensational cleaning with this remarkable toothpaste. It’s a full oral cleansing that helps prevent the buildup of plaque and cares for your gums.

Developed with the cooperation of European dentists long before baking soda toothpastes became trendy, our unique formula includes sea salt to create a powerful natural cleanser and whitener for your teeth. Your gums are purified and stimulated by organic blackthorn flower extract. The gently effective disinfectant in our soothing myrrh extract and the astringent properties of organic ratanhia are proven healthcare secrets from ancient cultures that naturally clean and tone your modern mouth. You’re left with brilliant, white teeth in a refreshed and healthy mouth. Show off those pure whites from ear to ear — little says more about you than a naturally beautiful smile.

Salt (Sodium Chloride)

Commonly referred to as salt, these opaque white crystals easily absorb water and draw fluids outwards. The osmotic action of salt tones and stimulates. Salt is cleansing and purifying and improves capillary circulation.


This natural component of the Horse Chestnut tree can be found in the bark and leaves. It acts as a superb tanning-agent and used in oral care to prevent against cavities and tooth decay.

Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) Fruit Juice

Commonly referred to as Blackthorn, this deciduous shrub features thorny branches and white flowers that bloom in early spring. Blackthorn is a member of the Rosaceae or Rose family. This plant grows in light thickets and sunny slopes throughout Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. The Blackthorn extract comes from the sprout heads of this plant, which are rich in Vitamin C. The juice, which contains a high quantity of tannins, acids and vitamin C, is collected from the blue Blackthorn fruits. Blackthorn is used externally to stimulate the skin’s self-strengthening and metabolic functions. In Prunus Spinosa 2X: according to A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Clarke, MD, 3rd ed. 1987, vol. 3, p. 890), Blackthorn is given in Homeopathy "for lassitude in morning, as after unrefreshing sleep."

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