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Sinus Allergy Formula

Homeopathic medicine for sinus and allergy symptoms**

1.6 OZ (43.5g) | Price: US$40.00

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Sinus Allergy Formula

How to use

Age 10 and older: 10-15 pellets
Children age 2 to 10: 1 pellet for each year of age
Under age 2: ask a doctor
Take 3-4 times daily before meals and at bedtime.

Stop use and ask a doctor if
symptoms persist for more than 4 days, because this could be a sign of sinusitis, which requires medical attention
symptoms are accompanied by fever

When using this product
do not exceed recommended dosage

If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Homeopathic medicine for sinus and allergy symptoms**

Stuffy sinuses get powerful, natural allergy-symptom relief from these non-drowsy homeopathic pellets. It’s the healthy alternative to clear your congestion and ease your frontal headache without falling asleep on your feet.

The sensation of pressure in your head is eased by reducing the swelling of your mucous membranes with common barberry and wood sage. Phosphorus counteracts nasal blockage and inflammation of the respiratory tract while European elder helps reduce nasal secretions. With effective, natural relief from your allergy symptoms, you can live and breathe free every beautiful day in every beautiful way.

**This statement has not been reviewed by FDA. It is supported by traditional homeopathic principles.

Active IngredientsEqual parts: Berberis Vulgaris 6X fructus (M), Phosphorus 6X, Sambucus nigra 3X (N), Teucrium scorodonia 4X (N).
Inactive Ingredients