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Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream

rejuvenates and replenishes

1.0 FL OZ (30ml) | Price: US$31.50

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Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream

How to use

Apply to face, neck and décolleté at night after cleansing and toning. Massage in gently. Use only as much as the skin can fully absorb. To enhance the effectiveness of the cream, wrap the face in a warm, damp cloth for a few minutes. Excess cream can be removed with a tissue.

rejuvenates and replenishes

Gradually aging skin that’s tired from an active day gets rejuvenated while you sleep with this nighttime all natural face cream. Our Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream provides intensive nourishment and helps your skin’s natural growth process during its nightly regenerative cycle.

Rejuvenate without harsh chemicals using this all natural face cream. Organic rosehip seed oil in our Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream is naturally rich in vitamins A and E and antioxidants that nourish and promote the renewal of youthful, healthy skin. This all natural face cream also contains organic olive oil, which contains a high quantity of vitamin E to provide deep, restorative moisture and balance where your skin needs it most. Evening primrose oil supports the natural rejuvenation of your skin for improved elasticity while smoothing away dry roughness and and first lines. With this Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream, your skin wakes up refreshed with balanced moisture and a renewed glow. Your supple, revitalized skin finally has a head start in the morning.

Formerly called Wild Rose Night Cream

Customer Testimonial:

I was suffering from terribly dry and flaking skin, as a diabetic I take meds that can really dry the skin out. I also had lost over 50 pounds really trying to get my health in balance. I tried so many products, a well known make up artist suggested the Weleda wild rose smoothing night cream. With great relief and joy, after a few days my skin was soft, glowing and just looked healthy! I only wish I would have found this earlier!!

I found a few more Weleda products at Whole Foods here in California and I'm so grateful! It feels and looks like my skin is being nourished. Thank you so much for creating quality products at fair prices that work wonders on sensitive, medically stressed skin, it's more than lotions it's my healing potion. I hope to purchase more of your phenomenal healing products! It's never too late to start feeding your skin, I'm 36 and feeling nourished and looking pretty good, according to my husband!

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