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NEW Natural Perfumes by Weleda

Weleda's first line of natural perfumes combines decades of fragrance expertise with the modern consumer's desire for authentic scents and holistic, natural care products. Our in-house perfumers develop a wide range of sophisticated scent compositions made of natural essential oils.

The natural perfumes are inspired by the fragrances of our leadplant ranges Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate and Wild Rose. Each natural fragrance is individually designed and stimulate harmonious emotions in the person wearing the fragrance.

Center Your Motivation

Jardin de Vie Argume

Inspired by the scent of Sea Buckthorn
Reminiscent of the refreshing scents of summer, this bright and airy fragrance is inspired by the citrusy notes of the sea buckthorn berry.

Main Notes

  • » Grapefruit: provides freshness
  • » Mandarin: adds fruity notes
  • » Sandalwood: complements with soft accents

Balance Your Love

Jardin de Vie Rose

Inspired by the scent of Wild Rose
A harmonious blend of sweet and fresh florals that merge together to create a romantic aroma.

Main Notes

  • » Rose: provides harmony
  • » Geranium: adds freshness
  • » Ylang-Ylang: complements with warm accents

Express Your Imagination

Jardin de Vie Grenade

Inspired by the scent of Pomegranate
A sophisticated fragrance entrenched in a blend of fruit and vanilla, evocative of the exotic scents of a Persian garden.

Main Notes

  • » Orange: provides fruity notes
  • » Davana: adds exotic notes
  • » Vanilla: gives depth