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Harvesting Our Pomegranate

We harvest our pomegranates at their peak in late September from organic farms on the fertile shores and mountainsides of Turkey, where more than 100,000 tons of pomegranates are grown each year.

One of our most pristine orchards is owned by Hakan Copur, a lively agricultural engineer. Copur must give special care to his plants to ensure the best-quality fruits. He pumps water up the mountain from the river below in order to irrigate his land. When the trees are heavy with fruit, residents gather with scissors and knives to carefully cut the fruits from the trees by hand.

The organic seeds we use are dried in a special facility and sent to Gustav Hees, an oil mill just 30 miles from our production facilities in southern Germany. Here the tiny seeds are cold pressed to release their valuable oil, which is then filtered. The fine, rich oil is sent to our production centers in Germany and Switzerland, where it is blended with other potent, natural ingredients for use in our new Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care.